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The Sweet Way Henry Cavill Helped His The Witcher Co-Star After Experiencing Press Madness As Zack Snyder's Superman

Landing a coveted role in Hollywood comes with perks… and detriments. Yes, when you land a high-profile role and then deliver an excellent performance, the populace can embrace you. But then there are the requisite obstacles that come with bringing a character to life on screens, both big and small. First, there are the fans, who will pack convention halls eager to pepper you with questions about your character decisions. And then there are the vultures in the media, judging from a distance. It all can be a bit much. 

So when The Witcher co-star Freya Allan accompanied her castmates to the mecca of geek popularity, San Diego Comic-Con, she said that she leaned on Henry Cavill’s experience so she could survive the gamut of attention that lands on a performer under that unique magnifying glass. Long before The Witcher found success, Cavill anchored more than a few Warner Bros. panels as the studio’s Man of Steel, Superman. So when Freya Allan spoke to The Laterals about enduring the show’s popularity, she explained about Cavill: 

I remember when we went to the San Diego Comic Con (SDCC), it was my first time ever doing any kind of press publicity stuff. I was basically thrown straight into the deep end, and I was like a rabbit caught in the headlights. If you look back at the interviews, I was literally not saying anything (laughs)! But I remember him being so sweet, supportive, and kind on those days. It’s moments like that which I really appreciated. You know, he’s experienced it so much with Superman; all these major interviews with the media, not to mention, the crazy fans that come with it. So, having that energy, and him being very kind and aware that I’m finding it freaky as hell then, was really, really lovely and sweet. I really appreciated that.

In addition to being Superman, Henry Cavill has experienced the lethal combination of fan expectation and press assumptions by attaching himself to both the Mission: Impossible series and attempting to bring back The Man from U.N.C.L.E. with Guy Ritchie and Armie Hammer. The thing about Cavill, and also about Freya Allan, is that they both are very good in the roles that they accept – especially in The Witcher, which continues to grow a larger fanbase now that its second season is available to stream on Netflix

the witcher season 2 netflix ciri training

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Allan goes on to say in the interview that she prefers season two because there’s a lot more for her character, Ciri, to do. The way she sees it, she spent the bulk of the first season running away from things… which means she probably didn’t have as much to talk about when media asked her at SDCC. Interviews should only get easier as The Witcher rolls along. And if you’ve already burned through all the Witcher episodes, and want to catch up with more of the best shows on Netflix, click that link and bookmark our guide. We update it often.

Sean O'Connell
Sean O'Connell

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