The Umbrella Academy's Elliot Page Reveals Major Character Change For Season 3 On Netflix

The Hargreeves siblings in The Umbrella Academy Season 3
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While Netflix subscribers don’t always have the safety and comfort of knowing that their favorite shows are destined for future seasons — R.I.P. Archive 81 — fans of The Umbrella Academy have long known that a game-changing third season was on the way. We were already anticipating the alt-timeline in Season 3 introducing a new group of Hargreeves siblings dubbed the Sparrow Academy, but it appears as if there will be a big character change taking place for someone with the O.G. Umbrella squad, as revealed by star Elliot Page.

To be expected, that change is coming to Elliot Page’s character, and although the exact details aren’t smoothed out just yet, one could make the assumption that The Umbrella Academy’s narrative for Vanya will be reflective of Page’s transition journey off-screen. Check out his Twitter post below!

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That’s right, Viktor Hargreeves has now joined the party, or reclaimed his particular role within the party, as it were. Since the first look at The Umbrella Academy Season 3 was essentially an immediate follow-up to the final scene of Season 2’s bonkers finale, Elliot Page’s Number Seven didn’t look any different in that preview. But it’s clear that some major switch-ups will occur for the apocalyptic violinist, assuming of course that Viktor is a transitioned Vanya and not a completely different character whose existence was manifested by the timeline changes in Dallas. 

That appears to be Emmy Raver-Lampman's Allison next to Viktor, though, so if Elliot Page's character is indeed someone new, he apparently doesn't waste time before getting to know the other Hargreeves. Unless that Allison — assuming it IS Allison, or even a woman to begin with — is also a new timeline artifact created by the Umbrella Academy's botched efforts in trying to stop JFK's assassination. But since this show already has enough conspiratorial plotlines and alien secrets in its sleeves, there's probably no reason to tack on additional suspicions.

As I’m sure most Umbrella Academy fans are well aware, Viktor Hargreeves’ arrival in Season 3 is a testament to Elliot Page coming out as a trans male in late 2020, which obviously played into the Netflix series’ production thereafter. Nothing had been announced regarding any changes to Number Seven’s on-screen persona, and while fans obviously hoped the series would reflect Page’s life respectfully, it wasn’t exactly a sure thing. Now, the actor’s fans at least know that it’ll be addressed in upcoming episodes, even if we don’t know the full capacity. 

Interestingly, the main villainous threat in Season 3 is presumed to be Sissy’s son Harlan Cooper, who was revealed in Season 2’s finale to still have some of Number Seven’s powers as a result of his resurrection. It’s suspected that his powers will grow to the point where he becomes a doomsday device unto himself, though which Academy team will be the one to step up and stop him, it’s unclear. But while it’s possible Elliot Page’s character opted for a different look and persona as a way to hide from Harlan, let’s hope the change is more meaningful than that. 

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait for years in the past due to Five’s junky coordinating in order to see The Umbrella Academy Season 3, as it will debut for Netflix subscribers on Wednesday, June 22. But since there is still time to go between now and Viktor Hargreeves’ arrival, check out some of Netflix’s best shows that you can stream right now!

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