The Witcher Season 3 Has Apparently Added A New Cast Member Whose Story May Have Book Connections To Henry Cavill's Geralt

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It’s been a few months now since The Witcher finally returned to Netflix, and graced fans with a Season 2 ending that offered up some big reveals about the things Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer will be facing in the future. We know that Season 3 is still in pre-production, but now The Witcher’s first new cast member has apparently been added, and their character may have a major book connection to Henry Cavill’s Geralt.

Who’s Been Added To The Witcher Season 3 And Who Might They Play?

The Witcher showrunner, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, opened up about production on Season 3 back in early December 2021, just a few days before the second season hit the streamer, and revealed that she and her writing team were already in their final week of writing for the third set of episodes. So, it makes complete sense that they’d be hard at work on other aspects of pre-production right now, like casting.

And, according to Redanian Intelligence, they’ve now set their first new cast member for The Witcher Season 3, with Safiyya Ingar apparently on board. Ingar made her screen debut in the short film Inappropriate Behaviour in 2017, and has gone on to appearances in British mini-series and shows like Summer of Rockets and Doctors.

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Alright, I know you’re wondering who Ingar might be playing on The Witcher Season 3, but while the character hasn’t officially been announced just yet (along with Ingar's casting), the current thought is that Ingar might be bringing the part of Milva to life in the new season. 

Who Is Milva And How Does She Connect To Geralt In The Witcher?

When The Witcher’s showrunner revealed that they were nearly done writing Season 3, she also said that the new episodes would be based on her “favorite book” in the series, The Time of Contempt. As you can probably imagine, that book features a lot of strife for our main characters, but if Ingar is stepping in to portray Milva for Season 3, it would mean that Schimdt Hissrich and her writers have also taken some of the storyline from another novel for the action, with part of the plot from the third book (Baptism of Fire) coming into play.

OK, some Witcher book spoilers are coming, so back away for a bit if you don’t want to know! Ready?

Alright, The Time of Contempt wraps with Ciri bonding with a group of war refugees known as the Rats, after having to escape from several big skirmishes involving Geralt, Yennefer, and the many folks who want to capture the exiled princess. Geralt is seriously injured in the last of those intense fights, but starts Baptism of Fire very determined to locate his child of surprise. With that, he’s introduced to Milva, a tough and extremely skilled archer who agrees to help him find Ciri, as they have to do so while staying out of trouble in the ever-growing war zone along the way to Nilfgaard.


Basically, if Safiyya Ingar is playing Milva in The Witcher Season 3, her character is going to be very important to both the overall action, and to Henry Cavill’s Geralt as he journeys to locate Ciri. I already hope that Milva isn’t one of the deaths that were teased for the third season way back in November!

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