Who Invited Them: 5+ Thoughts I Had While Watching The Shudder Movie

Perry Mattfeld and Timothy Granaderos in Who Invited Them
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Shudder has yet again created a fun horror movie with Who Invited Them. It isn’t one of the best horror movies on Shudder of all time but it’s definitely one you need to watch. It’s the classic tale of a couple having a housewarming party, and then some psychos showing up. Who Invited Them has many elements that make cult horror movies so beloved.

It has a stellar cast, a few twists and turns, and a nice blend of comedy and horror. It also may be the start of a new potential franchise with Tom (Timothy Granaderos) and Sasha (Perry Mattfeld). I wouldn’t mind if they joined the ranks of Freddy, Esther, Michael Myers, and other amazing villains from great horror movie franchises.

If you thought that was a hot take, wait until you hear some of my other thoughts on Shudder’s Who Invited Them. 

Warning: Spoilers ahead for Who Invited Them. Proceed with caution.  

Ryan Hansen and Melissa Tang in Who Invited Them

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Who Invited Them Feels Like A Couple’s Therapy Session Masquerading As A Horror Film 

Who Invited Them wouldn’t have a plot if Adam (Ryan Hansen) and Margo (Melissa Tang) just tried couple’s therapy, because boy do they have issues. I never thought they had enough problems in their marriage to murder each other, but they had enough for Sasha and Tom to think that it could be a possibility. 

Even the best romantic movies feature couples having problems, so that’s nothing new. However, Adam and Margo seem to have a lot of them. Most of their issues seem to stem from the fact that they need to work on their communication. It’s only after Sasha and Tom bring things to the surface, like Margo not liking Adam’s personality around his work friends, that they really start to work on their marriage.

If anything, Margo and Adam should thank Tom and Sasha for giving them free couple’s therapy. It’s still unclear whether Adam and Margo’s marriage is repaired, because the ending suggests that they may still have major communication issues. Margo wanting to stay in their murder home and Adam wanting to leave seems like something that could lead to conflict going forward.

Hopefully, they figure it out before Sasha and Tom pay them another surprise visit. 

Kalo Moss in Who Invited Them

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This Shudder Film Loves Red Herrings

Who Invited Them loves a good red herring. I can’t blame them, because I also love a good misdirection. This film thrives on them. It starts with Dylan (Kalo Moss) waking up from a nightmare about his parents dying. This made me think that the film may have had some paranormal elements, such as Dylan being a psychic kid or one who sees dead people.

After hearing the story of Sasha and Tom’s parents, I initially thought Who Invited Them could go two ways. The first is the way it did, with them being the twin children of the parents who killed each other. The other way was that they were the parents who killed each other and their spirits were haunting the home. I definitely thought this film could be one of those haunted home movies that involve ghosts, demons, or other types of paranormal figures. Instead, it was a straightforward slasher and serial killer horror film. 

I think the film purposely wants you to believe this film may be full of paranormal activity, because they made Dylan’s dreams seem important, only for them to just be regular nightmares. This also feels like a clever nod to the horror movie genre, in a sort-of parody or satirical way. Who Invited Them is like, let’s kind of throw every horror genre in there for laughs and misdirection. I respect that, because I definitely fell for a red herring or two in Who Invited Them.  

Ryan Hansen, Melissa Tang, Timothy Granaderos, and Perry Mattfeld in Who Invited Them

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The Cast’s Chemistry Is What Sells Who Invited Them 

Ryan Hansen, Melissa Tang, Timothy Granaderos, and Perry Mattfeld are all fun to watch in Who Invited Them. They’re enjoyable as individual characters and when they’re playing off of one another. 

Ryan Hansen’s nerdy Adam works so well because he’s paired with Melissa Tang as Margo, who is clearly slightly cooler than him and can put him in his place. However, the love and affection still come across even when they’re fighting. Tom and Sasha also both have devious energy as they’re separately trying to corrupt Margo and Adam, and together when they’re plotting to take them out. 

It’s entertaining to watch all four characters interact or when they're in any combination.

Timothy Granaderos and Perry Mattfeld in Who Invited Them

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Where Would Sasha And Tom Rank In The Fictional Children Serial Killers Hall Of Fame? 

I have to say, adult Sasha and Tom kind of suck at executing their plans. It was clear that Adam and Margo didn’t hate each other enough for double murder. However, as kids, Sasha and Tom were MVPs of the fictional serial killer world.

They caused anguish for months (maybe even years) to ensure that their parents killed one another. That’s pretty hardcore and clever for two child psychopaths. Now, there have been some great kid serial killers throughout the film world, including Samara, Damien, Henry, and those bastards from the Children of the Corn series. Therefore, it’s hard to say where Sasha and Tom rank among the movie kid serial killers, but they should definitely enter the conversation. 

It’s impressive for children to show that much dedication and ambition. 

Ryan Hansen in Who Invited Them

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Mood Is The Star Of This Film 

Who Invited Them isn’t heavy on actual horror and gore. Instead, it mainly focuses on trying to set different levels of suspense and create various moods throughout the film. It wants the audience to be unsettled and not quite sure what will happen next. This is achieved by creating a mood that’s sinister. 

The moment Sasha and Tom enter the film, you don’t know their exact plans but you know they aren’t good. Sasha and Tom create an atmosphere and mood that keeps Adam, Margo, and viewers on edge all throughout the movie. That’s what makes Who Invited Them enjoyable. It’s not necessarily scary, but it keeps you nervous for the entire film.  

Perry Mattfeld and Timothy Granaderos in Who Invited Them

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Other Thoughts

Who Invited Them isn’t one of the awesomely cheesy movies on Shudder but it definitely doesn’t entirely take itself seriously. Because the film doesn’t try to be anything other than a light horror film, I had some more thoughts about it. 

  • Sasha and Tom are totally having an incestuous relationship right? I didn’t quite believe their denial of it.  
  • I know the ending is supposed to show us that Tom and Sasha are still watching Margo and Adam, but it also felt like it could be one of Dylan’s dreams. 
  • R.I.P. Nibbles. You didn’t deserve any of that. 
  • Who Invited Them has a really good soundtrack. The Spotify playlist is worth a listen.
  • Would like a faux-reality show of Tom and Sasha going to people’s homes to repair their relationship or kill them. Title: Fix It or Die? Make it happen Shudder. 
  • They should really put Dylan in therapy. Those creepy dreams are not normal. 
  • Teeny (Tipper Newton) was criminally incompetent at every step of the movie. I’m surprised that she actually survived the stabbing because that was not her night. 
  • Loved the final moment of Adam looking extremely distressed. It was just a good ending image. 

Who Invited Them is one of the best new horror movies to watch on Shudder right now. It’s fun in a way that only great horror comedies can be. 

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