Why Halle Berry Chose To Make Her Directorial Debut With Netflix’s Bruised

Halle Berry in Bruised.
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When Halle Berry decided to star in the MMA-themed Bruised, fans and Hollywood turned their heads over the Oscar winner taking on the physically demanding role. Of course, Berry was no stranger to action-heavy roles with the X-Men films and John Wick Chapter 3 holding spots on her resume. But this film was different from other projects as she decided to direct the Netflix film. Choosing to direct the sports movie wasn’t a lackadaisical decision for her. The Bruised star revealed what led her to choose the Netflix film as her directorial debut.

Getting to this moment in her career required Halle Berry to take the driver’s seat. Berry not only directed and starred in Bruised but served as a producer. The film turned into a passion project for the Oscar winner. Of course, even before the cameras turned on, Berry was already infatuated by the story. As with any good project, the Moonfall star was in awe of the MMA-themed screenplay.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

When I read this script it just grabbed me. I intrinsically understood all the characters, I understood their brokenness, I understand what it is to fight for second chances, last chances. I understand what it is to be a mother and try to be a working mom and how hard that can be. There's just so many elements to this movie that I just connected to and I couldn’t let it go once I read the screenplay.

Relating to Jackie Justice’s story sealed the deal for Halle Berry. Knowing her character was a mother spoke to her on multiple levels. The Monster's Ball actress opened up to Entertainment Tonight about how motherhood and her children inspired her feature-length debut.

There's nothing I wouldn't do for my children, and what I think Jackie Justice learned is that we will go really far for our children. There's things that I do that I would never do for myself, but I do for my children and that's how motherhood has changed me. And having my children now is the reason I'm even directing because I have to keep going. I have to keep discovering more facets of who I am. I have to keep trying to make them proud. I have to keep modeling for them someone who's alive and very involved in their career and as a woman, as a Black woman.

Using her children as a source of inspiration allowed Halle Berry to take on a new avenue some viewers would’ve never seen coming. Drawing from her motherhood journey made Justice’s arc even more believable. That connection between Berry and her character seemed to appeal to movie audiences as the film charted number one over Thanksgiving weekend. If you want the Oscar winner’s directing skills, check out Bruised currently streaming on Netflix.

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