Halle Berry Gets Candid About Abuse, Being A Black Actress In Hollywood, And Becoming A Director

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Halle Berry has been regarded as one of Hollywood’s best talents and beauties. But all that acclaim and adulation hasn’t shielded the actress from the harshness of the world. Over the years, Berry has been open and honest about the many tribulations she has faced in her life and career. Just when you thought the Bruised star couldn’t be more open, she decided to reveal some more about her journey. The Oscar winner was candid about her battle with abuse along with her Hollywood career.

Halle Berry's story has been one of overcoming adversity in her life. She has faced some difficulties throughout her decades-long career. Berry opened up about the biggest hurdle she had to overcome in her life. The Oscar winner said about facing abuse:

This is another battle I fought my whole life. That because I look a certain way that I’ve been spared any hardship. I’ve had loss and pain and a lot of hurt in my life. I’ve had abuse in my life. I get really frustrated when people think because I look a certain way that I haven’t had any of those real-life experiences because I absolutely have. This hasn’t spared me one heartbreak or heartache or fearful or tearful moment, trust me.

Opening up about her abuse experience showed a different side to the Oscar winner. The public persona crafted by the media and fans only revealed one side to Halle Berry. Berry took the time to debunk the myth that the beautiful ones don't face hardships in their lives. As the actress pointed out, all the admiration and love didn’t spare her facing some traumatic moments.

But speaking openly about abuse wasn’t the only issue Halle Berry tackled. The actress gained some insight into Hollywood after being part of the system for four decades. She saw herself as being a vessel for others through her work. The Moonfall star said to The New York Times about her experience as a Black woman:

We’ve all been spoon-fed versions of who we are, but not by ourselves. That’s the sense of power I’m talking about. I feel powerful just because I get to do it and put my voice in the world in some way, and my sensibilities as a Black woman out there.

Portraying Black women in the right light seemed to be Halle Berry’s mission. That mission drove the Oscar winner to get behind the camera. She delved into why she chose to direct the mixed martial arts-themed Bruised.

If I’m going to get to tell a story, I’m going to make it from a point of view that I know. I thought that was a very good way for me to start.

Using her life experiences to inform her directorial debut made the film sound like an intriguing watch. Fans have watched as Halle Berry spoke up and showed her process in creating Bruised. After months of speaking on the film, viewers will finally see the MMA-themed film when it arrives on Netflix on Nov. 24 despite some behind-the-scenes issues. But fans can see more of Berry in the future.

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