5 Marvel Characters Megan Fox Would Be Perfect To Play

Megan Fox in Jonah Hex
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In the summer of 2021, Megan Fox expressed interest in starring in superhero movies, which she (surprisingly) has not done yet despite a career with various ties to comic books. Her breakout role was in 2007’s Transformers (based on a property that has inspired its own comic), she made her DC movies debut with the 2010 western Jonah Hex, and she starred in two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies as April O’Neil. I feel it is only a matter of time before her wish is granted and she gets offered a part in the Marvel movies, so the following are six characters that came to mind when I imagined who she would be great to play.

X-Men character Danger from Marvel Comics

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I think it really is a testament to how talented Megan Fox is that her performance as Mikaela Banes in the first two Transformers movies led her to achieve household name status almost immediately. Not many people make it onto the A-list with a supporting role for a film in which giant, shape-shifting robots are the stars. If there was ever a moment when she was at all jealous of her mechanical co-stars, there is a certain Marvel Comics character she might be interested in.

Professor Charles Xavier developed an artificial intelligence software to power the training arena for X-Men recruits that he called the Danger Room. When the AI took physical form, it began calling itself “Danger,” which is as much an allusion to its more sinister agenda as it is to its full name. If there could be any room for this machine in a future installment of Marvel Studios’ X-Men reboot, casting Megan Fox in the role would finally allow her to see things from the perspective of Optimus Prime (or, perhaps, Decepticon’s leader Megatron, more accurately).

Lilith from Marvel Comics

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The success of Transformers soon led to Megan Fox’s first lead role as the title character of Jennifer’s Body in 2009. In the supernatural, coming-of-age satire from director Karyn Kusama and Academy Award-winning writer Diablo Cody, Fox plays a popular high school cheerleader transformed into a man-eating succubus by a satanic ritual performed by a struggling indie band. Many believe the actress’ horror movies debut is also her finest performance to date, which convinces me that she would be perfect to play a Marvel character of demonic royalty.

Not to be confused with Lilith Drake (the daughter of Marvel’s own iteration of Dracula), this Lilith (who is inspired by a real figure of biblical lore) is no bloodsucker, but has shared a romance with Marvel’s own iteration of Satan, Mephisto. This and many other devilish deeds she is famous for have earned her the honor of being called the “Queen of Evil.” By taking the energy she conjured to play Jennifer Check and kicking up a notch or two, Megan Fox would perfect a portrayal of this ungodly goddess for the big screen.

Serpent Squad's Princess Python from Marvel Comics

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Princess Python

I do not imagine that Megan Fox was ever jealous of her CGI co-stars in the 2014 reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or its 2016 follow-up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, either. I mean, she never takes a backseat to the titular, anthropomorphic animal warriors and easily has more screen time than they do throughout both installments. However, if there was ever a chance that she wanted to play a character with her own reptilian motif, there is also a Marvel character for that.

There were actually a couple of characters whom I could have chosen from the Serpent Squad, which was a group of mercenaries who each go by an alias that is inspired by a species of snake. However, I felt that Megan Fox would best identify with Zelda DuBois (otherwise known as Princess Python), not just for the character’s sultry appearance, but also signature rebelliousness. The Squad are commonly known as enemies of Captain America, and I think they would be a pretty unique threat for Anthony Mackie to face when he wears the stars and stripes in his upcoming solo movie.

Arizona Annie from Marvel Comics

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Arizona Annie

When Megan Fox commented about her interest in landing a part in a Marvel movie or DC movie, her role as Lilah in the 2010 DC Comics adaptation Jonah Hex was brought up. She actually thinks that the film, which is set in the 1870s and stars future Thanos actor Josh Brolin as a badly scarred bounty hunter who can talk to the dead, is not so bad. As endearing a thought as that may be, most people (including Brolin) tend to disagree with that opinion.

While she might not be asking for it, I would like to see Megan Fox given the chance to redeem herself for her involvement in Jonah Hex with her own Marvel movie based on another 19th century-era hero. The character in question is Arizona Annie - a woman with a fiery temper and amazing skills behind a firearm on the run from lawmen and outlaws - who made her debut in the first-ever issue of the Marvel’s Wild West title in 1948. It would be fun to see the MCU enter western territory (somehow) and see Fox play a badass like Annie.

Angela, Queen of Hel, from Marvel Comics

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Angela, Queen Of Hel 

On the other hand, there is another unmistakably badass and far more powerful female character from Marvel Comics whose inclusion into the franchise’s continuity would be much easier to figure out. Not to mention, Megan Fox might be able to identify with this character far more strongly, too, being an openly bisexual actess.

First debuting in Image Comics as a Spawn character before transitioning over to Marvel (but originating in Norse mythology), Angela, also known as the Queen of Hel, is an openly lesbian Asgardian warrior. She is also Thor’s paternal sister and would also, one day, become a member of the Guardians of Galaxy, further supporting my claim of just how easy it would be to induct her into the MCU. Not to mention, in addition to the extra layer of diversity for the franchise, it would give audiences the opportunity to see Megan Fox as a redhead if she were cast.

All joking aside, I believe that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is certainly due for more characters like Angela, Queen of Hel, and Megan Fox is due to play more characters with as much complexity as the franchise likes to focus on. This is a collaboration that I hope happens but, if and when it does, any of these characters sound like a great fit for the actress to me.

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