Marvel's Mephisto: Who He Is And Why So Many Fans Want Him In The MCU

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Mephisto's name has been thrown around so much in 2021 that to even suggest he's hanging around in the MCU at this stage is only done so with heavy sarcasm. And yet, every time there's the slightest hint the character could be a part of the madness in Phase 4 of the MCU, some can't help but swarm all over it. What's the big deal, and why should we care about Mephisto?

Well, many people I'm assuming already know, but for those who don't, that's exactly why you're here. Here's what Mephisto is about for anyone out of the loop, and why every time there's some theory he's in the MCU, folks lose their collective minds at the suggestion.

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Mephisto Is Not The Devil... But He'd Like You To Believe That

To get all misconceptions out of the way right now, Mephisto is not Satan, Lucifer or the ruler of Hell. It's more appropriate to say that he's the ruler of a dimension he's called Hell, and it and his own form are created (which he can shape however he pleases) to represent that hell portrayed in Christianity. In reality, Hades actually exists in the Marvel Universe and is ruled by Pluto, and Mephisto's hell is something different. Granted, few trapped in his dimension would argue the difference, as it's not at all pleasant.

Mephisto is arguably one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe, but he's put in check by some strict rules. Mephisto can't physically affect any sentient beings who aren't deliberately submitted to him. If he does, he's injured and can ultimately write himself out of existence. Therefore, most of Mephisto's actions come in the power of deception and trickery. In short, most Marvel characters wouldn't have to worry about a tussle with him, unless they deliberately made a deal that put them in his service.

So basically, Mephisto has enough power to construct entire alternate realities, but he can't lay a finger on someone who hasn't struck a deal with him. Of course, Mephisto has spent thousands of years honing the craft of human manipulation, so defying his offers are often easier said than done. Peter Parker, Ghost Rider and even villains like Doctor Doom have fallen victim to his offers in the comics, so it's fair to say he can sway even the mightiest beings to his will in their weakest moments.

Based on his abilities alone, I think it's safe to say a good deal of people can understand why it'd be cool for him to be in the MCU. As for why so many fans want him and so many people get excited every time he's mentioned, there are a multitude of reasons, but these are some of the major ones that seem to frequently come up.

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Everyone Wants The Next Thanos In The MCU

The MCU has had its fair share of villains, but few were as destructive or as captivating as Thanos. Kang The Conqueror has already shown some promise of being an interesting villain in the MCU, but can he hold a candle to all that Thanos accomplished in his time? It's possible, but strictly on power levels, Kang isn't going to be the next Thanos of the MCU.

Mephisto certainly could be, and honestly, Thanos doesn't hold a candle to him in terms of power. At the same time, Mephisto brings something entirely different to the table with his power set and could create scenarios and situations that the Mad Titan couldn't have done with all the Infinity Stones. Frankly, Thanos was too all-in on his plan to wipe out half of all existence to be really creative, but in general, he's not as creatively inclined as Mephisto.

Take, for example, the Heroes Reborn event from Marvel Comics. Mephisto essentially re-wrote Marvel history in a way that the Avengers didn't exist, and it turned the entire universe on its head. The Hulk became a villain, Hyperion was Earth's main superhero and the only person immediately aware anything was wrong with reality was Blade. These are the types of schemes that make a Mephisto arc so exciting in the MCU, and why so many people are on board with the idea.

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Mephisto Can Be Defeated... But Not Destroyed

Perhaps the most intriguing thing about Mephisto is that while he can be thwarted, defeated or tricked, destroying him is an entirely different story. Even in the most extreme of circumstances, Mephisto's destruction is only temporary, and he will eventually reform in his hell dimension. Really, it takes a lot to temporarily "destroy" Mephisto, and more often than not, he simply flees to his own dimension before taking any real damage.

So far, most of the MCU's major villains have ultimately been killed. I know I would love to see what happens when the MCU reveals an all-powerful villain like Mephisto who can appear and re-appear no matter how many times he's defeated. Of course, I wouldn't expect Marvel to continually use Mephisto, but a random appearance every so often could create some consistently recurring chaos in the MCU we can appreciate.

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Will Mephisto Ever Appear In The MCU?

There's been debate as to whether Mephisto will ever appear in the MCU, but the truth of the matter is, we don't really know. Obviously, Mephisto is a major character of the MCU, and one that could create a lot of intricate storylines for characters, and there seems to be a very obvious entry point to the character with Wanda Maximoff, a.k.a. Scarlet Witch.

Ultimately though, religion is a tricky subject to deal with in pop culture, and there's no telling what kind of issues could appear with including Mephisto. Even beyond the boundaries of America, other countries have withheld Marvel movies because of imagery they deemed controversial. At the end of the day, he could just be a little too extreme for the MCU, as crazy as that may sound post-Thanos. Ultimately, though, we can only wait and see!

Mephisto isn't in the MCU yet, but if you could choose, would he be? Sound off in our poll below, and for more on Marvel, read up on the recent speculation about the Russo brothers and their potential return to the MCU here.

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