Arrow Alum Kat McNamara On What She Wants To Do In The Arrowverse After The Flash’s Armageddon Event

Katherine McNamara in Arrow
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Katherine McNamara will soon be returning to the Arrowverse as Green Arrow Mia Smoak in The Flash's upcoming five-episode “Armageddon” event. It was just earlier this year when the actress said she didn’t know whether she’d be coming back to the Arrowverse or not, and it wasn't long after when she was announced to be reprising her Arrow role. Many of these comic characters have been known to appear in other series besides their own to bring little references and familiar faces for fans, so can fans expect more from Mia after “Armageddon”? McNamara reveals what she wants to happen.

Fans last saw Oliver and Felicity’s future-daughter in the Arrow series finale, where she finally met her mother in the present and said her final goodbyes to her father. It seemed likely that it wouldn’t be the last time we’d see her, as Green Arrow and the Canaries appeared set for a greenlight at The CW, though the network inevitably ended up passing on the series earlier this year. Now with Katherine McNamara appearing on The Flash, the Shadowhunters alum shared with TV Insider where in the Arrowverse she wants Mia to go next:

I’ve done Legends, which I would love to go back to. I’ve done Flash, which I’d love to go back to, but I have friends on all the shows, so I would love to go hang out with Tyler [Hoechlin] and Bitsie [Tulloch] on Superman & Lois. I would love to go hang out with Javicia [Leslie] and Camrus [Johnson] on Batwoman. I think Mia would get along with the Batwoman crew really well. Camrus is one of my favorite humans on this planet and I’ve never worked with him, so I think it would be a blast.

It would be great to see McNamara pull off a David Ramsey and make a visit to each show, even if it is for just a single episode, and even if it doesn't involve exploding projectiles. Despite flagship series Arrow ending, the expanding Arrowverse is a fantastic way for the mythology to keep going and growing, and it's always a delight for fans when characters cross over to other shows, especially when they haven't been around in a while. Hopefully in “Armageddon,” we'll find out what Mia has been up to, and whether or not the cliffhanger that the Green Arrow and the Canaries backdoor pilot set up in the final season of Arrow ever got resolved. 

Since it looks like Katherine McNamara is already thinking about ways to come back to the Arrowverse, hopefully it won't be long before we see Mia as the Green Arrow again! It will be interesting to see her dynamic with the other characters in “Armageddon” and how it could possibly set up another appearance for her in the future. Assuming she doesn't get killed off, of course, only to be brought back to life by one force or another .

The five-episode “Armageddon” event on The Flash begins on Tuesday, November 16 at 8 p.m. EST on The CW! Check out when all the other big 2021 Fall TV premieres are coming!

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