Shadowhunters' Katherine McNamara Is Heading To Arrow Season 7

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As Shadowhunters fans wait for Freeform to debut the back half of Season 3, the efforts are still ongoing to convince another studio or network to save the fantasy series from cancellation. That hasn't stopped its stars from securing future employment, though, as star Katherine McNamara has landed another dark show with a vocal fanbase, and she'll be trading out demons and other monsters for vigilantes by heading to The CW's Arrow for Season 7.

After two and a half seasons of emotional chaos on Shadowhunters, Katherine McNamara will take up shop in Star City for a very important recurring role. She will reportedly play a street tough named Maya whose physical scrappiness is complemented by her reliance on thievery. According to TVLine, the unofficial casting notice for the character drew a pop culture comparison by calling her "Buffy the Superhero Slayer." Any way you spin that one, it doesn't sound very good for Oliver and the members of Team Arrow who aren't in jail when Season 7 kicks off.

Fans won't have to wait too long to see Katherine McNamara's Maya in action, with the character's introduction set to happen at some point during the first half of Season 7. If she's just being cast now, then she may not be around until closer to the midseason hiatus, which is also when this year's big crossover episode will go down. But it's not likely the villainous Star City native will get introduced in the mash-up episode itself, since it is going to be centered in Gotham City, and will also be introducing quite a few other new faces to the mix.

Shadowhunters has taken up the majority of Katherine McNamara's career in recent years, as she landed that series not long after her MTV dramedy Happyland was cancelled. She was most recently seen on the big screen reprising her role of Sonya in Maze Runner: The Death Cure, which came out in January. She's also set to appear in the sci-fi flick Replicate and the animated comedy The Adventures of Bunny Bravo.

The entire Arrow-verse is adding a host of new actors and characters to the new seasons, and the casting just won't stop. We're looking forward to meeting the season's main set of villains, the nefarious Longbow Hunters, who will be portrayed by Holly Elissa, Miranda Edwards, and Michael Jonsson. We'll also get to meet Ruby Rose's Batwoman (a.k.a. Kate Kane), Elizabeth Tulloch's Lois Lane, Cassandra Jean Arnell as Nora Fries, and Jeremy Davies as Arkham Asylum's Dr. John Deegan.

Katherine McNamara will inevitably show up on Arrow before she'll return to the role of Clary Fray, with the superhero series set to debut Season 7 on The CW on Monday, October 15, at 8:00 p.m. ET. Shadowhunters, meanwhile, will bring the rest of Season 3 to Freeform at some point in early 2019. Keep current with the latest small screen debuts with our fall TV premiere schedule.

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