Fans Can’t Get Enough After John Cena And Co.’s Amazing Peacemaker Intro Goes Viral

John Cena and cast in mid-dance in Peacemaker.
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Debuting a new TV show is a do or die prospect, even if it’s something like James Gunn and HBO Max’s Peacemaker series. The DC Comics follow-up to last summer’s The Suicide Squad has definitely made an impression on viewers, and it didn’t take very long to do so. In fact, fans can’t get enough of the amazing intro featuring John Cena and company, and it’s led the clip to go viral. 

Before we even get underway, it’s very important for you to have seen the opening credits sequence. There aren’t any plot spoilers but, in true James Gunn fashion, there’s a sick needle drop, an adorable sidekick, and a level of silly joy that we should all aspire to. Set to Norwegian glam metal band Wig Wam’s song “Do Ya Really Wanna Taste It,” it’s the high-flying, hard-rocking intro we all could use early in 2022. Take a look at the clip, courtesy of HBO Max, but be sure to do so in a room that you feel safe enough to dance in:  

If you weren’t at least rocking out a little, then I don’t know what to tell you. The Internet has certainly had a field day with Peacemaker’s ode to headbanging in the name of freedom, and the tweets have been just as excitable as you’d expect. Judging by this first reaction, the appeal of John Cena and the rest of his superpowered team cannot be denied:

Those dance moves may not be the fanciest around, but they get the job done when it comes to introducing this array of characters. Fan Michelle Nguyen Bradley couldn’t have said it better, as her tweet proves an intent to learn every step by heart. Through the text of her message, even she shares that 2022 could definitely use more of this energy:

I'm not even playing around. I downloaded the #Peacemaker intro, mirrored it and slowed it down 50% so I can learn the moves. I AM IN LOCKDOWN AND BETWEEN PROJECTS AND HAVE FREE TIME SO I AM DOING THIS. Thanks @JamesGunn for a project that's getting me out of my new year’s funk.

Not all superhero series are created equal, as the morose Netflix’s Daredevil couldn’t be further from the madness and insanity that is James Gunn’s Peacemaker. That said, the next suggestion is something that even Marvel fans could reach across the aisle to agree upon. Should Kevin Feige be looking for ideas with how to further introduce the hero's gang into the MCU, he may want to bookmark this next message:

DCEU fans might be the group most enjoying this audacious expansion of John Cena’s Christopher Smith, as it’s a win for the connected universe that’s currently somewhat in flux. It’s also just a really fun time in an IP that’s had a historical image of being very grimdark and devoid of humor:

If all of this fan reaction isn’t enough hype to get you to watch Peacemaker, then what would you say to a celebrity endorsement? Fear Street and Goosebumps author R.L. Stine has apparently caught the show himself, and the opening struck a chord with him as well. Even better, his high praise puts this intro in some pretty lofty territory: 

Outright reaction isn’t the only way a fan can pay tribute to such artistic glory. Sometimes, art is the best reaction to art, which is where artist JaytheChou comes in. Known for his project to photoshop Paddington Bear into various TV shows and movies until he forgets, he hasn’t forgotten to give the world a chance to see the Peruvian sweetheart dancing alongside Mr. Cena:

For those of you keeping score, that's now two members of the Paddington Cinematic Universe to be in James Gunn's corner of the DCEU; Peter Capaldi being the other actor to hold that distinction thus far. The future holds a lot of promise for Peacemaker, especially if the rest of this first season lives up to what the recent debut has put out into the world. If you thought the opening was bananas, just wait until you see what Mr. Cena gets himself into in the first episode alone! 

Peacemaker is ready to win the hearts and minds of HBO Max subscribers, no matter how many characters it has to kill. The first three episodes are currently streaming, along with The Suicide Squad, and new episodes will debut weekly on Thursdays at 3:01 AM ET. And for a look at what else is headed to the world of television, take a look at the winter and spring 2022 TV premiere schedule.

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