How Green Lantern’s Performance Inspired Ryan Reynolds To Produce Deadpool

Ryan Reynolds as Green Lantern
(Image credit: Warner Bros.)

Before Ryan Reynolds shook up the comic book movie world with Deadpool, finally putting all his talents into the perfect character to display them, he played the Green Lantern in 2011. Unfortunately that went down as one of the worst comic book movies of all time. Ryan Reynolds and the Green Lantern’s director both have some thoughts on the film, and Reynolds bounced back in a significant way, making one of the most exciting and unique superhero franchises out. Here is how Green lantern’s performance inspired Ryan Reynolds to produce Deadpool.

After making a movie as maligned as Green Lantern, most actors would shy away from returning to superhero movies altogether, but not Ryan Reynolds. Reynolds took the experience in stride and learned some valuable lessons from it. While speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Ryan Reynolds spoke about the lessons he learned and how the Green Lantern inspired him to produce Deadpool, saying:

While I was obscenely privileged to star in movies, a lot of times they weren't working. That’s when I said 'I need to have some authorship here. Because I have a sense of how to do this in a way that will work.'

The main lesson Ryan Reynolds took from his experience making Green Lantern was that he needed to be more involved in the process; this led him to go all in and produce Deadpool, and the rest is history. Reynolds put all of his talents and lessons he learned into finally getting Deadpool made and has spawned diehard fans, and his own lane as the character is set to join the MCU at some point in the near future. Reynolds was confident in believing he knew what was best, and his commitment to getting his ideas and vision across benefited Deadpool greatly.

There is a Green Lantern series being developed for HBO Max, and the producers of it have talked about the lessons they have learned from the 2011 film. The big takeaway is that the film made a lot of people reassess their approach to superhero movies, and hopefully, the series takes what didn’t work and stays far away from it. 

Ryan Reynolds is still reaping the benefits of his original franchise property Free Guy, which made waves at the box office and featured one of Reynolds’s best performances and the actor fighting himself. Reynolds just finished filming his upcoming movie with Will Ferrell and has hinted at taking a break from acting, much to Deadpool fans’ disappointment.

Reynolds’s new Netflix film Red Notice, which stars himself, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne Johnson, is set to release November 5th, and the trio has been having fun online with each other. Red Notice will be one of Netflix’s biggest films yet and a definite highlight for the month of November. We cant wait to see Reynolds, The Rock, and Wonder Woman on screen together. 

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