Deadpool 3 Is Filming, And Rob Liefield Offers An Update That’ll Make Wolverine Fans Happy

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly growing, both on the small and silver screens. One of the most highly anticipated upcoming Marvel movies is definitely Shawn Levy's Deadpool 3, which will finally bring Ryan Reynolds' titular hero into the shared universe. The threequel is finally starting to film, and Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld has offered an update that'll please X-Men fans out there. It's all really happening!

After Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its properties, the door finally opened for characters like Deadpool, The X-Men, and the Fantastic Four to get in on the fun of the MCU. Fans were also delighted to learn that Deadpool 3 would feature the return of Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, which is why so many fans are invested in what's coming next. Rob Liefeld recently tweeted out a tease about what's to come in that mysterious project, which reads:

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Well, color me intrigued. While we knew that Deadpool 3 will finally reunite Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman on the big screen as their respective Marvel characters, it seems like that blockbuster is going to put a ton of emphasis on the latter hero. Although the question is exactly what Shawn Levy and Ryan Reynolds have up their sleeves for this mysterious blockbuster. But smart money says that plenty of fans are going go be flocking to theaters when it's finally released.

Hugh Jackman originally claimed to be retired from the role of Wolverine following the emotional ending of Logan. But as the Deadpool franchise became popular, Ryan Reynolds consistently pestered the Oscar-nominated actor to once again take up the claws opposite the Merc with a Mouth. And now that crossover is finally going to happen, and it should be fascinating to see how Jackman's signature character changes within a new franchise, and presumably within an R-rated project. Fingers crossed that more information comes sooner rather than later; Liefeld has also teased that he's going to post a set photo shortly. 

Deadpool 3

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

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Director: Shawn Levy

Writer: Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, Ryan Reynolds, Shawn Levy

Cast: Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, Leslie Uggams, Morena Baccarin, Karan Soni, Stefan Kapičić, Emma Corrin, Brianna Hildebrand, Matthew Macfadyen.

Release Date/Platform: November 8th 2024 in theaters.

For his part, Ryan Reynolds has claimed that Deadpool 3 won't try to contradict the events of Logan. We'll presumably be seeing a much younger version of Wolverine, before that apocalyptic setting. But until more information is revealed/confirmed, smart money says that there are going to be plenty of fan theories and rumors swirling.

The cast of Deadpool 3 has been coming together, including plenty of familiar faces from the first two movies. But there are a few choice heroes that fans are wondering about. Namely Zazie Beetz' Domino and Josh Brolin's Cable, who both made their debut in Deadpool 2. They were set up to be big characters, but it's unclear if they'll be back for the threequel. Regarding Cable in particular, it seems like Wolverine might be the same type of foil to Wade Wilson.

Deadpool 3 is currently expected to arrive in theaters on November 8th, 2024. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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