Did Jensen Ackles Audition To Play The MCU's Captain America? The Supernatural Actor Explains

Chris Evans and Jensen Ackles
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Over the course of eight years and nine films, Chris Evans fully embodied the role of Captain America. The fan-favorite actor, alongside writers and directors, turned what could’ve been a hokey character into a layered individual. It’s hard to imagine anyone else but him playing Steve Rogers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but, once upon a time, other actors were in contention for the part. One star who’s long been rumored to have auditioned is none other than Supernatural alum Jensen Ackles and, now, the star has provided an explanation regarding whether he actually did seek to play the First Avenger. 

Jensen Ackles typically appears to be pretty direct when addressing questions (unless someone is angling for details on Supernatural spinoff The Winchesters). The actor employed that same level of candor when EW asked him whether he ever auditioned to play the Sentinel of Liberty. Apparently, the actor doesn’t believe that he ever met with Marvel Studios about the role: 

Did I audition for Captain America? No, I did not. I don't necessarily know, was that an auditioning kind of a thing? I feel like they just met with people on that.

I can’t help but be surprised that Jensen Ackles seemingly wasn’t approached for the Marvel role. Though there does seem to be a slight tinge of doubt present in his comments. Maybe he auditioned and just doesn’t remember. After all, the part was cast over a decade ago. Regardless, Ackles went on to say that had he been offered the role, he probably wouldn’t have been able to commit to it:

I was not available, anyway. So, I don't think they were going to work around my schedule. Doesn't seem like a kind of property that would do that. I would've loved to have been in the mix on that because Chris [Evans] and I used to go against each other for quite a bit on a lot of different things back in the day. But, unfortunately, I didn't get to fight him on that one.

Chris Evans did “fight”  with a number of other performers while vying for the chance to play Steve Rogers, though. John Krasinski revealed years ago that he screen-tested for the part and even put on the suit. The actor joked that the real reason he didn’t play Cap was because he took himself out of the running after seeing Thor actor Chris Hemsworth’s physique compared to his own. Funnyman Dane Cook also tried out, but he apparently blabbed when he shouldn’t have during the process. As a result, he lost out on the opportunity - and sent Marvel’s casting directors an apology letter.

Though Jensen Ackles, like his fellow actors, didn’t get a chance to wield the red, white and blue shield, he is getting to play a character modeled after Cap in Season 3 of The Boys (streamable with an Amazon Prime subscription). He’ll play the character of Soldier Boy, a storied hero from the ‘40s who finds his way into the present. However, he’s a bit “rougher” than Steve Rogers is. Additionally, Ackles is now the voice of Batman in the DC Animated Movie Universe.

Chris Evans (who’s rumored to be reprising Captain America at some point) may have personified the role, but it’s still interesting to think about what Jensen Ackles would’ve done with it. Maybe there’s still hope for him to appear in the MCU, as the franchise is starting to introduce variants of notable characters via the multiverse. But even if that never happens, it seems Ackles is more than content with how things played out.

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