Hawkeye’s Finale Had Another Post-Credits Scene That Ended Up Being Cut

Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld in Hawkeye
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Spoilers ahead for the season finale of Hawkeye, “So This Is Christmas?” 

Marvel and Disney+’s Hawkeye went out with a bang, literally, for the season finale. As fans waited in anticipation to see what the show would cook up for a post-credits scene after six episodes, some were left disappointed. The scene ended up being a number from Rogers the Musical, though apparently, there was another scene left on the cutting room floor. 

Hawkeye visual effects artist Elaina Scott took to Twitter following the release of the finale to share that there was another post-credits scene in mind. And it was not, in fact, Rogers the Musical, but a different and more hilarious scene that likely would have fared better with fans:

The post credits oh the finale of Hawkeye was meant to have the owl taking the Bros to its nest, kinda sad they cut it. Would have been hilarious!!

The scene in question that Elaina Scott is referring to happens after Clint and Kate take care of the Tracksuit Mafia. Courtesy of some Pym Technologies equipment, Kate shrinks a van that a few of the guys are in, and as Clint and Kate wonder what to do with them, an owl picks it up and flies away. It sounds hilarious and I wish so much we had gotten that scene instead, because now we’re left wondering what happened to them. 

When fans saw the actual post-credits scene of Rogers the Musical, a lot weren’t pleased with it, because they were expecting something bigger. While it’s hard to tell how fans would have reacted to the cut scene with the owl, considering that the animal had a funny interaction with Clint inside the famous Rockefeller Plaza Christmas tree, I wouldn’t be surprised if it would have a big one.

With this new information about the post-credits scene, could there be any possibility for it to come back around in a potential second season? There is no word on whether or not a Season 2 of Hawkeye is in the works, but with the way Season 1 ended, with Kingpin likely getting shot, there is still plenty of story left to tell. And, I would love to know exactly what happened with the owl, because that moment with the van was pretty surprising.

Marvel is known for doing post-credits scenes, even with its shows. There hadn’t been a post-credits scene for Hawkeye until the finale, so it was either a hit or a miss. Perhaps the show would have been better if there wasn’t even a post-credits scene, since Rogers the Musical received mixed reviews from fans. Elaina Scott didn't say why the scene was cut, but it's possible that the producers thought that the idea of an adorable owl eating people at Christmas seemed like a bit too much. 

It’ll be interesting to see how Hawkeye moves forward if there is a Season 2 following that finale, and I’m excited to see what happens in the future! Even if that future is in the form of an MCU movie. Until we know for sure, take a look at the upcoming Marvel TV shows and what you can watch in the coming weeks, with our 2022 TV schedule!

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