Why Iron Fist's Jessica Henwick Isn't Fully Into The Idea Of Iron Fist's Colleen Wing Returning To The MCU

Jessica Henwick on Iron Fist
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Spoilers for Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye lie ahead. 

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is continuing to grow, as it almost feels like new characters are being added on a weekly basis. 2021 alone has seen the franchise add new power players like Yelena Belova, Shang-Chi and the Eternals. Of course, the interconnected world is also making fans happy by reintroducing characters that previously dwelled within Netflix’s small-screen Marvel world. With this growing trend, Iron Fist alum Jessica Henwick has shared thoughts on potentially reprising her role as Colleen Wing. And believe it or not, it appears she’s not fully into the idea. 

Jessica Henwick made her debut as the fighter and entrepreneur on the first season of Iron Fist, which premiered in 2017. From there, she also appeared as the character on Luke Cage and on the crossover miniseries The Defenders. Henwick’s portrayal was praised, with many fans and critics viewing her as a bright spot within the panned martial arts-centric show. The actress revealed that she is tempted to return to the role but that there’s one thing that's making her hesitant:

I'm so torn. On the one hand, yes, because I loved her and I put so much work into her. And she is one of those characters I tried to protect so hard. I felt really passionate about her story. So yes, I would love to revisit her and get back into her head. On the other hand, we left her in a great place. She's paired up with Misty, she's got that going on, she's got her powers, she seems to be good at it. She's living her best life. And I know if we bring her back, we have to bring her into conflict. I just want her to have her happy ending.

As she alluded to during her interview with Syfy Wire, the Netflix series ended with Danny Rand transferring the powers of the Iron Fist to Colleen, who can then channel the power through her sword. It was a cool ending, and one that certainly had some fans eager to see her further adventures. It’s honestly hard to deny that Wing would be a cool character to have in the MCU proper. The character (and the actress herself) would be a strong addition, and it would be fun to see her mix it up with other heroes, especially martial arts masters like Shang-Chi.

One can understand Jessica Henwick’s hesitation to return, though. Her beloved heroine was left in a perfect place, one in which she became her ideal self. Any further adventures would surely put the character through the wringer, as has been the case for other popular Marvel characters in recent years. (Peter Parker, for instance, went on a journey in Spider-Man: Now Way Home.)

Whether or not Colleen Wing returns remains to be seen, but there’s a firm chance Marvel Studios could, at the very least, reach out to the Game of Thrones alum about the possibility. Thanks to the company’s willingness to bring back the Netflix stars, fans can look forward to seeing Charlie Cox’s Daredevil in the cinematic universe. And his infamous antagonist, Wilson Fisk/Kingpin (played by Vincent D’Onofrio) has also been revealed as the Big Bad of Hawkeye

The lukewarm reception to Danny Rand makes it hard to say whether the character will ever be brought back. However, I’d say that there’s hope for Colleen Wing, given how compelling she is as a character. Of course, only time will tell if the studio makes an offer to Jessica Henwick – and if she’d actually agree to return.

If you need proof of just how cool the character is, you can still stream both seasons of Iron Fist on Netflix. You can also check out the Kingpin’s triumphant return on the season finale of Hawkeye, which hits Disney+ on Wednesday, December 22.

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