What To Expect From Colleen Wing In The Defenders

Colleen Wing with her sword on the streets of New York

While the Marvel Cinematic Universe is most closely associated with silver screen blockbusters, there's a thriving TV side as well. The best of these small screen projects are released over on Netflix, with four New York City heroes introduced over the past few years. And with all four heroes assembled, we'll see them finally interact and team up to save the city in the Defenders miniseries. The majority of supporting characters will also make their way to The Defenders, including Iron Fist's sword wielding love interest Colleen Wing, played by Game of Thrones alum Jessica Henwick. And now the actress has teased what to expect from Colleen in the upcoming miniseries.

Jessica Henwick recently spoke to EW about the upcoming Defenders miniseries, and got a bit chatty as far as Colleen is concerned. We now know when and where(ish) we'll meet back up with Colleen, and what demons she'll be grappling with when she returns to Netflix.

We pick up with Colleen not in New York --- which is crazy, as all the shows have been predominantly in New York. We find her a month after we left her. It's really interesting she hasn't been able to deal with the emotional trauma she dealt with in Iron Fist. So it builds to a head and she explodes in Defenders.

Now this is interesting. Let's break down all the possibilities for what may be ahead for Colleen Wing.

To start, she's not in New York which is interesting. But the last time we saw both Colleen and Danny they weren't in the city. Instead, they traveled back to Danny's home in K'un-Lun so that he could complete his training as the Iron Fist, and apologize for his sudden departure. But when they arrive at the gates, the entire mystical city is gone. Perhaps Colleen and Danny are still somewhere in China, looking for answers.

But Jessica Henwick also reveals that Colleen is still very much grappling with the events of Iron Fist. And I can't say I blame her- she and Danny went through alot. Through the show's first season, Colleen realized that her family unit in The Hand wasn't as squeaky clean as she thought. She was forced to battle her sensei/father figure Bakuto and win, before deciding to spare his life. Colleen was also terribly poisoned during their trip with Claire Temple to the east. She would have died too, if Danny hadn't learned how to use the healing powers of his Iron Fist abilities.

Overall, Colleen sounds like she's going to be just as captivating in The Defenders as she was in Iron Fist. And now we get to see her interact with other badass ladies like Jessica Jones, Misty Knight, and Trish.

The Defenders will be released in its entirety on August 18th. Check out our full summer premiere list to plan your other summer shows out.

Corey Chichizola
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