Robin Wright Thought Her Time As A Superhero Was Done After Wonder Woman 1984. She Was Right, Just Not For The Reasons She Assumed

While the future of the DC Universe on the big and small screen is a bit clearer now that the first couple of years of DC projects have been revealed by James Gunn, there are still a lot of questions about how it all connects, if at all, to the films that came before. The future of one of DC’s biggest characters, Wonder Woman, is still something of a question. A planned Wonder Woman 3 has been shelved, which means we likely won’t be seeing the actors from the previous films. Co-star Robin Wright already thought she was done with the franchise, but only because she didn’t realize Wonder Woman 3 was a possibility.

In the weeks after James Gunn and Peter Safran took the reins at DC Studios, a lot of changes were made. Henry Cavill, who had only just made his return as Superman, was gone once again, and Patty Jenkins's treatment for a planned Wonder Woman 3 was apparently killed. Robin Wright, who played Antiopie in the first two films tells Yahoo she wasn’t even aware there was work being done on a third entry, so she thought her time as an Amazon was done, though she didn’t want it to be. Wright said…

I thought they were finishing with Wonder Woman 1984. But Patty and I both agreed that the Amazon section was such a great part of that film. I was like, 'Why don't you write the Amazon movie?' Young girls want to see that — it's real female empowerment.

The interest from Robin Wright in a movie focused not on Wonder Woman but on the Amazons is interesting, because that’s almost exactly what we’ll be getting. Paradise Lost will be a new DC series that will act as a prequel to the Wonder Woman story, showing us her home of Paradise Island in a period before Wonder Woman was born. 

And for the record, Robin Wright says she’d be interested in reprising her role as Antiopie in the Paradise Lost series, though she says she “hasn’t received that call yet.” At this point, it seems unlikely that the call will come. Unless a total change of direction is made regarding Wonder Woman, it seems likely that when we see that character debut in the DCU it will be played by somebody other than Gal Gadot. And while that doesn’t preclude other stars from the previous films from reprising their roles, it does make that seem more unlikely.

As much as we now know about the future plans at DC Studios, there are still a lot of missing details. Considering how popular and successful Wonder Woman was the first time around, and how important the character is to DC, it's all but certain we will see her eventually. And who knows? If cast members from the previous films do get a call for the new series, it could indicate that this franchise isn't quite done yet.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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