Shazam! Fury Of The Gods Director Responds After Big Spoiler Appears In New Ad

One of the most anticipated of the four upcoming DC movies is arguably Shazam! Fury of the Gods. The movie arrives four years after filmgoers were first introduced to Billy Batson, a boy gifted with godlike powers and the ability to transform into Shazam, a red suit-wearing, wise-cracking superhero played by Zachary Levi. With the marketing for the superhero movie beginning to heat up, there are more chances for potential spoilers, which is precisely what happened with a new tv spot. A newly released ad spoiled a central DC character’s cameo appearance, and the director has responded. 

What Shazam's David F. Sandberg Had To Say About The Cameo Being Spoiled

Shazam! Fury of the Gods director David F. Sandberg took to his Twitter this week to warn fans, who may want to save some surprises for the cinema, to avoid the trailers and marketing for potential spoilers. You can see Sandberg’s tweet below:

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The fans had plenty of responses to the message, as you'd imagine. One user said the marketing spoiler didn’t dissuade them at all, actually. And they also provided an enthusiastic thought on whether they'll see the movie. They wrote:

Caught me off guard but not gonna lie, it makes me want to go see it now.

Sandberg spotted that particular reply and, in his own comment, he sent some praise in the direction of the marketing department. The director said:

Then I guess it’s working at least 👍

One commenter retweeted the message, saying that the social media interaction between the fan and filmmaker gives a specific impression about the director's feelings:

He does not seem happy

David F. Sandberg was quick to reply, saying he was, in fact, happy it was convincing folks to see the flick. However, he did share one concern that he had. Sandberg replied to the fan:

I’m happy if it convinces people to see the movie. But it’s of course less ideal for people who were going to see it anyway if they happen to see spoilers.

Of course, not everyone agreed that the cameo reveal was positive. A lot of folks agreed with the Lights Out director. One Twitter user empathized with the filmmaker in the fact that such a potentially big moment wasn’t saved for theatergoers. They said:

I’m so sorry that was revealed. I know how much that was meant to be a sweet surprise.

Popular cosplayer Lis Wonder let the movie maker know she appreciated the director keeping the fan’s cinematic experience at the forefront of his mind. She said:

Thanks for always caring for the fans 🥹❤️ sorry that happened.

So Who Exactly Is The Major DCEU Alum That Cameos In Fury Of The Gods?

If you want to experience Shazam! Fury of the Gods without spoilers, this is your last chance to leave unspoiled. Okay, I’m assuming you’re gone, and we will proceed.

It’s Wonder Woman! 

How about that? Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince will have a cameo in the Shazam family's forthcoming, high-flying flick. Twitter user HecThor posted a video of the television spot, which you can see for yourself.

If the reveal of the inclusion of everyone’s favorite Amazonian warrior isn’t enough to get you pumped for the movie’s release, maybe the early film reactions will. Fury of the Gods was screened, and early responses, overall, were reasonably positive. It sounds like the Shazam! sequel probably won’t go down as one of the best superhero movies of all time, but many early viewers said it’s still worth watching for a fun time, especially if you liked the first movie. Maybe positive social media reactions will improve the movie’s chances of succeeding at the box office because early tracking estimates placed Fury of the Gods at making between $35-40 million on opening weekend, while others were more optimistic at $43-52 million. It remains to be seen if early spoilers affected the numbers, but I'd bet that many fans will see it regardless.

Shazam! Fury of the Gods flies into theaters on March 17. While fans wait for the release, they can rewatch the first movie with an HBO Max subscription or read about the things they need to remember from Shazam! beforehand. Hopefully, the early Wonder Woman reveal is enough to get people out to see the flick because David F. Sandberg said that film series could continue into the new James Gun-headed DC era -- but only if enough people check out this second entry while it’s playing on the big screen.

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