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Concept Artist Reveals What Tom Holland’s Peter Parker Could Look Like In Venom Suit

Spider-Man and Venom pictured side by side in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Venom: Let There Be Carnage.
(Image credit: Sony Pictures Entertainment/Marvel)

The fractured multiverse that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe saw one hell of a light show when current mega-hit Spider-Man: No Way Home breached the walls of Peter Parker’s reality. Capping the current trilogy of Tom Holland adventures, a rather large and unintended consequence of the film’s magical mayhem was presented, seemingly putting the future of our favorite Web-Slinger on a certain track. 

Which is why, thanks to a concept artist that worked on the movie, there’s now art revealing what Holland’s Peter Parker could look like in his own Venom suit.

What Tom Holland’s Venom Suit Could Look Like

Artist Thomas du Crest took a moment to share his designs of this potential Holland-era transformation, courtesy of his own Twitter presence. Strangely enough, this bit of digital dreaming came about because du Crest, a concept artist who also worked on the MCU’s latest cinematic record smasher, is waiting for clearance to post some of the art he dreamed up for the third Spider-Man partnership between Sony and Marvel Studios. Take a look at what Tom Holland would look like in that classically creepy black and white get-up: 

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Looking at the suit design for Mr. Holland’s symbiotic appearance, it’s a blend of traditional structure with some pretty neat touches. Showcasing the usual gigantic white spider design across the chest, Thomas du Crest’s variant really has fun with adding organic imperfections into the mix. More specifically, the spider itself isn’t a perfect and clean vision, but rather a sort of smudged image. Throw in some white veins protruding from that visual center, as well as the traditional black veins crawling up Tom Holland’s neck, and you have a horrific look into what could be in Peter Parker’s future.

Tom Hardy and Venom

(Image credit: Sony Pictures)

How Does Venom Potentially Play Into The Future Of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

In case you missed the mid-credits tease from Spider-Man: No Way Home, that moment in particular makes Venom’s potential crossover into the MCU rather easy. With Tom Hardy’s Eddie Brock being zapped into this reality in the end credits tease from Venom: Let There Be Carnage, the Lethal Protector and his symbiote found themselves being send home as quickly as they left. However, a small piece of that parasitic entity was left behind, ready to consume anything it set its mind to devour.

That small drop looks like it could become a big problem in Peter Parker’s future, as the stage is now set for some very familiar shenanigans to take place. With a rumored new trilogy supposedly awaiting Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, there’s no telling where or when Venom could pop up. Though if Thomas du Crest's hopeful hashtags are any indication, trouble could be on its way a lot sooner than we'd think. Whenever that time comes, let's hope that the lessons of the past will be fresh in the minds of the creative team that makes it happen; teeth and all. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is currently battling the perils of the multiverse, only in theaters. And for those of you who are still anxious for some more multiversal action in the realm of Spider-People, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (Part One) keeps the party going on October 7. However, if you want to know about the upcoming Marvel movies in the Phase 4 lineup, that’s another universe of information that’s open to your discovery. 

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