Just Like On Dune, Spider-Man: No Way Home Had Dance Parties. Zendaya Tells The Story About Why She Wasn’t Invited This Time

Zendaya and Tom Holland in No Way Home
(Image credit: Marvel Studios)

Zendaya is known for her exuberant on-set energy. Her stories of impromptu dance parties with Timothée Chalamet on the set of Dune gave the fans insane FOMO. So when she began filming Spider-Man: No Way Home with noted musician Jamie Foxx, it’s only natural to assume that Zendaya would bust a move, right? Unfortunately for the Emmy-winning actress, she missed out on the No Way Home boogie session. 

Zendaya and Tom Holland recently sat down with French blog Serieously to play a fun little game of ‘Ça Roule?’ (which translates to ‘okay’ or ‘how’s it going?,” depending on the punctuation). The duo shared humorous anecdotes from the filming of Spider-Man: No Way Home, one of which featured a dance party kick-started by none other than Jamie Foxx. Zendaya, however, wasn’t on set - a fact that she jokingly begrudges. She explained: 

Were you there for the dance party? He would bring music and the lighting department would then play lights as well. Actually there was this one day--you know how they played a lighting cue? That’s what I mean! Anyway, there was a day that I was told — because I was going to set every day — and I was told by producers, ‘Hey just don’t come for a couple of days because Jon’s just a little bit behind, he’s distracted.’ Mind you, I was NOT being distracting. So quiet, I was in the corner, minding my own business. So, I do come back to set one day, just to see what’s going on. I walk in, the producers, the actors, Jamie has started a party. Everyone is dancing to Rihanna! And I said, ’So, I wasn’t allowed to come to work ’cause there was a distraction, and then I come in and everyone is having a DANCE PARTY!?!‘ And I wasn’t invited!’

For shame, Spider-Man producers. For shame. While Zendaya was tragically absent from the spontaneous dance party, Tom Holland was quick to point out that he was also not invited. And he “was Spider-Man, in the Spider-Man movie.” While any dance party with Jamie Foxx is sure to be a riot, it seems like an oversight to not include the stars of the film - especially when both of the aforementioned actors are accomplished dancers (Zendaya got her start on Disney’s Shake It Up, and Tom Holland is a trained ballet dancer). Maybe next time Zendaya and Tom Holland can start a dance party of their own. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home will hit theaters in the United States on December 17 and Great Britain on December 16. Jon Watts (Homecoming, Far From Home) returns to direct the final film in Marvel’s Spider-Man trilogy. The film will feature new and old faces, including Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Strange and Alfred Molina as Doc Ock

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