Marvel's Kevin Feige Shared Some Great News About The Spider-Man Franchise’s Future Following No Way Home’s Release

Tom Holland as Spider-Man in Spider-Man No Way Home
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Spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home lie ahead. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home has finally arrived, and it’s off to an appropriately amazing start. The film is already putting up some impressive box office numbers and has received praise from critics and fans alike. Of course, most are now probably wondering what lies ahead for Tom Holland’s beloved web-slinger. Well, following the movie’s big-screen debut and the announcement that more movies are coming, Marvel Studios head honcho Kevin Feige has shared some more great news about the franchise’s future. 

A few weeks ago, veteran franchise producer Amy Pascal stated that another trilogy of films is on the way. Feige, who tends to keep things close to the vest, has now doubled down on his collaborator’s sentiments. In a recent interview with The New York Times, he revealed where they are in the development process and explained why he’s choosing to confirm the news so soon:

Amy and I and Disney and Sony are talking about - yes, we’re actively beginning to develop where the story heads next, which I only say outright because I don’t want fans to go through any separation trauma like what happened after Far From Home. That will not be occurring this time.

Following the release of Far From Home in 2019, it’s pretty clear that Marvel Studios and Sony were going to deliver a third installment. This was greatly due to the movie’s cliffhanger ending, which saw Peter Parker’s identity get revealed to the world. No Way Home’s ending is a bit trickier, as it opens the door to a fourth installment but could honestly serve as a finite ending to Parker’s story. Nevertheless, Amy Pascal, in the same NYT interview, teased how that ending will help inform what’s to come:

At the end of the movie we just made, you see Spider-Man make a momentous decision, one that you’ve never seen him make before. It’s a sacrifice. And that gives us a lot to work with for the next film.

The movie ended with the young hero saving the multiverse, at the cost of his loved ones no longer knowing who he is. Though faced with this and the unfortunate death of his Aunt May, the hero decides to carry on and proceeds to make a new life for himself. This includes creating a new suit and further solidifying himself as the defender of New York City. And if I do say so myself, the final scene was a sight to behold.

The stage is certainly set for some interesting (and more adult-oriented) Spider-Man stories to be told in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And considering that Sony and Marvel have already delivered three quality films, one would think that both studios could do the same with future installments. Franchise star Tom Holland hasn’t confirmed his superhero future just yet, but it would seem that he’s at least open to reprising his role. It’ll be exciting to see how things develop for the project and where it might take the iconic superhero next. 

Spider-Man: No Way Home is playing exclusively in theaters now.

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