Would Tom Holland Return As Spider-Man In Marvel’s Fantastic Four Reboot? Here’s What He Says

Tom Holland in Spider-Man: No Way Home
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is constantly growing, and Phase Four has already been thrilling for the generations of fans. Perhaps the most highly anticipated project coming down the line is Spider-Man: No Way Home, which will also mark the end of Tom Holland’s contract as Peter Parker. But would Holland return as Spidey in Marvel’s upcoming Fantastic Four reboot? Here’s what he says.

Since Disney acquired 20th Century Fox and its properties, moviegoers have been hoping to see characters like the X-Men and Fantastic Four finally join the greater MCU. Kevin Feige and company have been keeping their cards close to the chest, but these plans are seemingly developing behind-the-scenes. Tom Holland was recently asked if he’d be interested in playing a role when Fantastic Four returns to the big screen, responding with:

While I’d love to be in that film [because] I love Jon and would be really excited to see what he does with the Fantastic Four. I think what we need to do with Spider-Man is let it breathe and almost let the audience tell us what they want.

The man’s got a point. Spider-Man: No Way Home will mark Tom Holland’s whopping sixth appearance in the MCU since debuting in Captain America: Civil War. Given just how many adventures his Peter Parker has gone on, he thinks the character needs to take a break from the big screen. And as such, he’s seemingly not interested in a Fantastic Four appearance.

Tom Holland’s comments to CBM make a great deal of sense for those who have been paying close attention to his comments leading up to the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. He’s been seemingly looking forward to a break from web slinging, and a cameo in the developing Fantastic Four movie would be anything but. But with the MCU version of New York City continuing to be an important location, fans will hold out hope for certain character pairings.

As previously mentioned, Kevin Feige hasn’t revealed exactly when characters like the Fantastic Four will return to the big screen, and join the MCU in the process. But the fandom can’t wait, having long theorized about who might be playing characters like Reed Richards and Johnny Storm. But we shouldn’t expect a visit from the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, who is dealing with his own set of insurmountable problems in No Way Home. Tom Holland continued explaining his feelings about a possible cameos, saying:

I think, for me, as the guy that plays Spider-Man - so you could say that I know him the best - I think what’s important is that he needs to take a break. We need to allow the audiences to let him breathe and figure out tonally how we’re going to bring this character back, if we bring this character back. You know, I think him popping up for a cameo would defeat the purpose.

Well, there you have it. While the contents of Spider-Man: No Way Home remain a mystery for a few short days, it seems that the events of Jon Watts’ threequel will warrant a much-needed break for Peter Parker. But with Marvel Studios seemingly developing a new trilogy of movies, it’s seemingly only a matter of time before Tom Holland returns to his signature role.

Spider-Man: No Way Home will arrive in theaters December 17th. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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