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Stargirl Season 3 Has Cast The Key DC Comics Character We’ve Been Waiting For

Obsidian DC Comics artwork
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Among the characters that Stargirl introduced in its second season was Ysa Penarejo’s Jennie Lynn-Haden, a.k.a. Jade, the daughter of Alan Scott, a.k.a. Green Lantern, one of the original Justice Society of America members. Jade’s chief goal during Season 2 was to find her twin brother Todd Rice, whom she’d been separated from when they were kids following Alan’s death. Well, it’s been revealed that Stargirl Season 3 has officially cast its version of Todd, who’s better known to longtime DC Comics fans as Obsidian.

Tim Gabriel, who has appeared on TV shows like S.W.A.T. and Why Women Kill, and will next be seen in the movies The Death That Awaits and Tomorrow, will appear in Stargirl as Todd Rice, one of DC Comics’ most prominent LGBTQ superheroes. Like his comic book counterpart, Gabriel’s version of Todd will wield “"strange and uncontrollable shadow abilities.” EW also mentioned that Todd has been living on the streets and searching for Jennie, but he was captured by the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation, and they’re determined to figure out how his powers work This will be Obsidian’s second live-action appearance, with Lance Henriksen playing an older version of the character in Legends of Tomorrow.

Tim Gabriel in Hulu's Casual

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Although Jennie, Brec Bassinger’s Courtney Whitmore and Luke Wilson’s Pat Dugan learned in the Stargirl Season 2’s “Summer School: Chapter Ten” that Todd Rice had been staying at the Helix Institute for Youth Rehabilitation, the facility’s head nurse, Louise Love, informed them that he was no longer there. However, a phone call later on between Love and her superior, Mister Bones, made it clear that she’d been lying. As if the Institute holding Todd  captive wasn’t bad enough, in the Stargirl Season 2 finale, Love went to see Keith David’s Bones in person to inform him about all the superheroes and supervillains living in Blue Valley, Nebraska, and now Bones has his sights set on the town.

The stage has been set for Mister Bones to serve as Stargirl Season 3’s main antagonist, and with the Helix Institute undoubtedly running all sorts of horrific experiments on Todd, don’t be surprised if the show’s version of Obsidian is being controlled by them when we finally meet him. After all, although Todd started out as a superhero in the comics, having founded Infinity, Inc. with Jade and other younger heroes associated with the Justice Society, he was later corrupted and fought the modern JSA team for years until he was reverted to normal. Perhaps Tim Gabriel’s Todd will travel down a similar path, and it’ll be up to Ysa Penarejo’s Jade to bring her brother back into the light.

Tim Gabriel is the first new actor who’s been announced to appear in Stargirl Season 3. As far as familiar faces go, Joel McHale, Neil Hopkins and Joy Osmanski will reprise their respective roles of Sylvester Pemberton/Starman, Lawrence “Crusher” Crock/Sportsmaster and Paula Brooks/Tigress as main cast members this upcoming season after recurring/guest-starring in the first two seasons. Other teases set up in the Stargirl Season 2 finale for Season 3 to pick up include Mike Dugan and Jakeem Williams (who now controls the Thunderbolt, voiced by Jim Gaffigan) forming their own superhero team, Cindy Burman/Shiv wanting to join the JSA, Cameron Mahkent learning about his icy heritage and Rick Tyler/the new Hourman learning from Shade that Solon Grundy might not be permanently dead.

Stargirl Season 3’s premiere date hasn’t been announced yet, but it’s expected to air on The CW sometime this summer. You can learn what shows are officially slotted on this year’s calendar by browsing through our 2022 TV schedule, or take a look at what other upcoming DC TV shows are on the way.

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