Why Brendan Fraser Is A Perfect Choice For Batgirl's Firefly

 Brendan Fraser in Professionals
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Brendan Fraser made headlines recently for a rather unexpected reason, even though he’s been on a hot streak with Hollywood roles in recent years. The actor’s renaissance just got another boost amid reports he’s in the cast of the upcoming Batgirl movie, allegedly playing the role of Firefly. If this is true, it couldn’t be a better casting, in my opinion. 

The news is a surprise, but a welcome one that has a lot of potential on many levels, both for Brendan Fraser and Batgirl. There’s a lot of reasons to love this casting (keep in mind it hasn't been officially confirmed yet), but let’s get into the various reasons why this could legitimately be one of the more exciting DC castings of the year.

Brendan Fraser in George of the Jungle

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Brendan Fraser Isn’t The First Actor That Comes To Mind For Firefly, And That’s A Good Thing

I think if someone made a list of available actors who would make a great villain for the Batgirl movie, Brendan Fraser wouldn’t be anywhere near it. That’s not a knock on Fraser, it’s just that his Hollywood comeback is still so new that he’s not going to be someone that’s top of mind for a lot of roles. I certainly didn’t expect to see him involved in a DC movie, which may play to all parties involved if others feel the same way. 

Brendan Fraser being in the Batgirl movie reportedly as a villain just made this project even more interesting for me. I hate to hype it so much as saying it’s tantamount to Heath Ledger being cast as Joker, but the gut reaction I had back then is the same here: how the hell is this guy going to play a character like Firefly? With other actors, I may know what to expect, but here, I’m not sure. 

For now, that’s a good thing. It’ll be on future pictures and trailer footage to draw the intrigue further. There’s also a chance that we get that first look and it isn’t as riveting as the casting announcement. Even if that’s the case, I’m still going to be in just to see what Brendan Fraser brings to the character. For better or worse, I’m invested in seeing how this plays out. 

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Brendan Fraser's Look Falls In Line With Most Character Descriptions Of Firefly

Brendan Fraser may not be top of mind in fan castings for Firefly, but I daresay he should’ve been looking into the character profiles of the classic Batman rogue. Keep in mind there’s been a few different incarnations of Firefly over the years, and with the exception of Lady Firefly, I think a case can be made that Fraser fits the bill for all interpretations. 

Garfield Lynns was a special effects master with some severe issues that manifested in a bad way later in life. Then there’s Ted Carson who, in one telling, is a man who gambled away his fortune, and in another is a high school teacher who tries to burn the city to the ground after a bad breakup. Look at a picture of Brendan Fraser right now and tell me he doesn't fit every single one of those character descriptions. 

Part of that plays into the fact that Brendan Fraser is in the midst of a career comeback. Audiences know Fraser isn’t the same guy he was back on his first hot streak in Hollywood, but he’s found success in many roles since then in other ways. While I can’t say the same for Firefly, there’s something psychological in my opinion that just makes Fraser the best fit for the Batgirl villain.

Brendan Fraser in Doom Patrol

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Brendan Fraser's Already Proven He Can Thrive In DC

DC doesn’t need to put Brendan Fraser to the test when it comes to if he’s ready for the world of superheroes, because he’s already a part of it. For those who don’t know, Fraser stars in the series Doom Patrol as Cliff Steele. Fraser does the voice work for Steele his robotic form, and we see Fraser as Steele during his days as a NASCAR driver. 

Cliff Steele is not a character with the same level of darkness as Firefly, but I think there can be some agreement that actors who have the experience of working in the superhero genre are at an advantage when going into similar roles. Fraser is at a double advantage in that he’s already a part of the DC Universe, and while that would be a problem in the MCU, I’m sure it’ll be fine here. After all, Doom Patrol is set in a separate reality from the DCEU, and even with the upcoming The Flash opening up the multiverse, DC doesn't seem all that concerned with overlaps in casting or previously existing stories. 

Does Batgirl need a bunch of previously tested stars in the superhero genre to instill confidence in the project? No, but it does help strengthen the case of someone when it’s a left-field pick like Brendan Fraser. He’s earned a chance to show the world what he can do in big pictures again, and this is another golden opportunity to help raise his ceiling in Hollywood once more.

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor with Brendan Fraser

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Brendan Fraser Is Due For An Action Movie Comeback

We all remember the days when Brendan Fraser was the chiseled hunk in The Mummy and George of the Jungle. Time affects us all, and while Fraser may not have quite the same physique he had in the '90s, he’s still a guy who's capable of bringing a solid amount of intensity and energy to an action flick like Batgirl

Plus, it’s not exactly like Firefly is a character well-known for combat expertise. If ever there was a way to work Brendan Fraser back into a movie with lots of action and a chance to prove he can still perform in the genre, this is it. I’m rooting for him to knock his role in Batgirl out of the park, and I feel like he won’t let me down. 

Batgirl is expected to have a 2022 release date and will run exclusively on HBO Max when completed. Continue to stick with CinemaBlend for more updates on the movie in the meantime, and also for updates on how Brendan Fraser could look as Firefly.

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