Will Superman And Lois Finally Acknowledge The Events Of Supergirl? The Showrunner Offered A Cryptic Response

Clark and Kara on Supergirl
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Superman & Lois Season 2 is rolling right along on The CW and, so far it’s proving to be another great season for the Arrowverse series. The Bizarro reveal was certainly a gamechanger and, now, it even seems that there are some new relationships forming. For all the things fans have learned, however, there’s still one lingering Arrowverse question in the form of Kara Danvers. When addressing whether the world of Supergirl will ever be addressed in its spinoff series, showrunner Todd Helbing offered a cryptic response. 

Todd Helbing appeared alongside other members of the cast at WonderCon 2022 (via Bleeding Cool), and fielded a question that touched on whether or not Supergirl and its characters will ever pop up on Superman & Lois. Helbing got real with fans and teased that while there haven’t been direct links at the moment, there will be, eventually:

I'll just say that at the end of this season [Season 2], you'll get the answer to the questions that you guys have.

Arrowverse fans can take that however they will though, given the context, it seems like there’s some Supergirl-related surprise on the way. Superman & Lois is known for its twists and turns so, now, I’m wondering if this whole Season 2 storyline is going to end with the revelation that the entire city of Smallville is under Brainiac's control and everything, including Braniac’s death, was a lie. Maybe it’s up it's Kara to save her cousin once again, and that’s how she’ll come into the story? 

Obviously, the above scenario is just one of the hundreds of ways Melissa Benoist’s Girl of Steel and other characters can work their way into the series. The real issue is there’s no way to really know how the Arrowverse might address Kara and Clark’s previous relationship as the two haven’t interacted since The CW’s massive crossover special Crisis On Infinite Earths. Prior to the even, Clark and Lois welcomed a baby and had already had several interactions with Kara. After Crisis, (which changed a lot about the fictional TV universe), it was revealed that the Kents had two teenage sons, and Kara hasn't crossed paths with the family for a while now.

I think it’s fair to say that, prior to children-related revelation, not many people expected big Supergirl references on Superman & Lois. Since its beginning, The CW show made a conscious effort to distance itself from the other shows in the franchise and, considering that Supergirl ended its run in late 2021, it didn’t seem likely there’d be immediate nods of any kind. It's exciting to see hear that there’s at least something on the way for Season 2, even if we don’t know what it is yet. It'll be interesting to see how Todd Helbing and his team pull it off.

Superman & Lois returns with a new episode on The CW on Tuesday, April 26th at 8:00 p.m. ET. There are many returning shows hitting television at the moment, though, apparently, only one show has the best chance of welcoming the Supergirl cast n the near future. 

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