Wonder Woman Actress Lynda Carter Just Reminded Haters That The DC Hero Is Officially A Queer Icon

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in 80s series
(Image credit: Warner Bros Television)

Long after hanging up her Lasso of Truth and passing it over to Gal Gadot, Lynda Carter is still beloved as the first on-screen Wonder Woman over 40 years later. And in honor of that, the actress took to social media at the top of Pride Month to celebrate, sharing a piece of Wonder Woman fan art with a rainbow background and saying she was “so excited to celebrate with all my LGBTQIA+ friends and fans.” Following some online backlash to that post, Carter is reminding the internet that Diana Prince is canonically queer. 

Lynda Carter took to Twitter to remind the haters that Wonder Woman is a queer icon, not only by measure of DC writers, but in the hearts of the many fans who have let her know how important the DC hero has been to accepting their LGBTQ+ identities. In her words: 

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The message was penned following some hateful comments on her initial Pride Month post. As she also shared, someone replies to the good-natured post featuring Wonder Woman by saying the hero is “NOT A SUPER HERO FOR THE GAYS!” Check out her solid response: 

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Along with Lynda Carter reminding the internet that Diana Prince is a bisexual icon, she linked a Polygon article where DC writer Greg Rucka confirmed that the hero is queer. Back in 2016 after the comics alluded to Diana’s attraction to women along with famously being tied to Steve Trevor, Rucka said that the character’s bisexuality especially made sense to the character give her upbringing on Themyscira, a land solely made up of women. 

As he shared, it would be natural for Diana and the other Amazons to have romantic relations with one another, but the concept itself of being gay in a world where its normal wouldn’t exist by his measure. In a recent 2021 DC comic series Dark Knights of Steel, Wonder Woman shared a beautiful kiss with princess Zala of the House El, who is the daughter of Jor-El and sister of Superman, via PinkNews. Check out an image below:

Wonder Woman kiss with Princess Zala in Dark Knights of Steel issue #2

(Image credit: DC Comics)

As far as the DC movies go, Wonder Woman in a queer relationship has yet to be explored. Gal Gadot has shown support for the character’s sexuality, but the idea of bringing this side to her character has apparently not come up between the first and second film. Filmmaker Patty Jenkins is set to make Wonder Woman 3, but the movie is not expected to film until a year or so

Lynda Carter made an appearance in 2020’s Wonder Woman 1984 as the first Amazon and is expected to be involved in the third movie. While we wait for the next Wonder Woman movie, you can watch Gal Gadot’s movies and Carter in her classic series with an HBO Max subscription. Happy Pride Month! 

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