Wonder Woman 3: Watch Gal Gadot Dance With Excitement Over Lynda Carter’s Role

One of the most exciting revelations in last year’s Wonder Woman 1984 was seeing Lynda Carter appear as Asteria, a former champion of the Amazons, in the sequel. It’s since been confirmed that the 70-year-old actress, who is iconically known for playing Diana Prince in the '70s Wonder Woman TV series, will in fact be in Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman 3. Gal Gadot can’t hide how excited she is about the upcoming movie. 

Gal Gadot recently attended Elle Magazine’s 2021 Women in Hollywood event to honor the leading ladies of the industry. When speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the Wonder Woman star got giddy when asked about Lynda Carter’s involvement in the next movie. Check it out: 

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Gal Gadot smiled in anticipation to share the screen with Lynda Carter, but she stayed tight-lipped about how they might work together in Wonder Woman 3. Instead, Gadot said these words about going back to play Diana for the planned next movie: 

The most amazing thing other than the fact that I get to wear the Wonder Woman costume and can get inside her boots is the fact that I can work with my amazing collaborators and work with Patty Jenkins again and I’m super, super grateful.

Following the record-breaking hit that was 2017’s Wonder Woman and becoming a part of the Justice League later that year (and then again early this year in Zack Snyder’s version of the film), Gal Gadot reprised her role as the hero in 2019’s Wonder Woman 1984 amidst a difficult release during COVID-19 surges. The sequel made only $166.5 million worldwide in comparison to the first movie’s $822 million. Even so, the movie was a hit on HBO Max during the Christmas season and Patty Jenkins plans to complete her trilogy. 

During DC FanDome last weekend, Patty Jenkins and Lynda Carter appeared at the event to briefly tease the project. Jenkins shared she’s “super excited” to return for Wonder Woman 3, and Carter called returning to the world of DC a “gift.” Asteria is a legendary Amazon warrior who stayed behind in the world of men as Zeus created Themyscira way back in the day. It’s also very possible that Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah returns after her cryptic ending in Wonder Woman 1984.  

Though truth be told, it could be a while before we see Wonder Woman 3. Patty Jenkins and Gadot are also set to work together on a Cleopatra movie and the actress will also play actress Hedy Lamarr in a series and WWII Polish nurse Irena Sendler in another movie. It’s unclear which of these projects will come first, but there’s a ton going on for Gal Gadot, not to mention Jenkins working on Star Wars: Rogue Squadron. You can stay up to date on what’s next in Warner Bros’ superhero universe with upcoming DC movies here on CinemaBlend. 

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