Hugh Jackman Wished Ryan Reynolds A Happy Birthday With A Wolverine Quote, Because Of Course

Left: Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in Logan, Right: Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool
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While they frequently spend their time on the internet pretending to be involved in a feud, Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds are clearly very good friends. Yesterday was the Deadpool actor’s 46th birthday, so you would expect that Jackman would take the opportunity to wish his friend a happy birthday, and he certainly did, in the most Wolverine way possible.

Hugh Jackman posted a short video to Twitter of himself, with a birthday cupcake, in front of a pair of pictures of Ryan Reynolds, at least one of which was a gift to Jackman from Reynolds himself. He hums “Happy Birthday” before dropping a great Wolverine line, and attempting to blow out the candle. It doesn't go so smoothly. Check it out. 

It’s a great and fun little video, exactly the sort of thing you would expect from Hugh Jackman for Ryan Reynolds’ birthday. Last year for Jackman's birthday Reynolds made socks with his friend's face on them. The fact that Jackman actually kept in the fact that he missed the candle the first time, rather than recording the video again, just makes it that much nicer. 

The line about being "the best at what I do,” was originally spoken by Wolverine in the Marvel comics, but Jackman actually repeats the quote, as a sort of easter egg, in X-Men: Origins - Wolverine, the movie that Jackman and Reynolds were in together, and the first time Reynolds played Deadpool. The really bad version of Deadpool.

It’s a fitting quote since the two are now set to play Wolverine and Deadpool together again in Deadpool 3. After officially retiring from the role after Logan, Jackman has apparently been convinced to come back for Deadpool 3. The movie is still a couple years away so we have no idea how that will work, or how it will all tie into the MCU, but I’m not sure anybody cares about continuity here.

Ryan Reynolds did respond to Jackman’s video. Specifically, he responded to the end of the video, poking fun at his friend’s seeming inability to blowout a candle, though he did apparently blame the candle, saying…

I will never hurt you the way this candle did.

With Deadpool 3 on the way, we can expect that the ongoing Reynolds/Jackman Feud is only going to become more "heated." This pair are only going to increase the frequency with which they give each other a hard time. At this point, anything Jackman and Reynolds do together is going to help promote Deadpool 3. A year or so from now when these two are actually on set together it’s going to just be crazy, assuming they can post content from the set without spoiling too much.

Dirk Libbey
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