The Hilarious Gift Ryan Reynolds Gave To Hugh Jackman For The Music Man's Opening Night On Broadway

While the last few years have seen Hugh Jackman star in movies like Bad Education and Reminiscence, currently the actor is focused on stage work. The man who played Wolverine for nearly two decades in the X-Men movies is starring as Harold Hill in Broadway’s revival of The Music Man. Following a series of preview performances, the play has now officially opened, and Jackman’s best frenemy, Ryan Reynolds, gave him a hilarious gift to commemorate the opening night.

Hugh Jackman had to miss out on some of The Music Man’s preview performances back in  late December and early January due to contracting COVID-19, but he was fully healed and ready to perform for the production’s first official night at the Winter Garden Theatre on Thursday. Given the kind of dynamic Jackman shares with Ryan Reynolds, it’s only appropriate that his X-Men Origins: Wolverine costar bequeathed to him the below gift:

Yeah, that’s about right. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have been trolling each other for years, so it makes complete sense that on a huge night for the latter, the former would give him portraits of himself. First, we have Reynolds’ head photoshopped onto a dancing body, and that, along with the accompanying sticky note, would have been enough. But I applaud Reynolds for going the extra mile and also having a sketch of himself commissioned… assuming that he didn’t already have that laying around. 

If you watch the video at the end of Hugh Jackman’s Instagram post, you’ll see the actor cracking up at seeing the Ryan Reynolds sketch for the first time. Reynolds also wrote a simple “Haunting” in the post’s comments section. Gorgeous flowers, champagne and heartfelt well wishes are plentiful when celebrating the opening of a Broadway production, but Jackman really got something special here from Reynolds... especially since he’s obligated to hang those portraits somewhere nice in his home, right? Or maybe they’re just doomed to collect dust in his basement.

In any case, Hugh Jackman will be keeping busy in the near future with The Music Man, which also stars Younger’s Sutton Foster as Marian Paroo. That said, those of you enjoy seeing Jackman in a cinematic setting don’t need to worry about him taking an extended hiatus from such creative endeavors. Sure, he had to exit the Ferrari biopic, but he already has The Son in the can, which sees him acting opposite Laura Dern, Vanessa Kirby and Anthony Hopkins. We’ll let you know if it’s announced Jackman is leading anything else as part of our upcoming movies coverage.

Regarding Ryan Reynolds, his next movie lined up is The Adam Project, which premiered its first trailer earlier this week and drops on Netflix in March. Reynolds is also starring opposite Will Ferrell in Apple TV+’s Spirited and will team up with The Office alums John Krasinski and Steve Carrell in IF, but since he’s also talked about taking an acting break, this could mean we’re in for an even longer wait for his return as Wade Wilson as Deadpool 3

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