Ryan Reynolds Dunked On Hugh Jackman On His Birthday In New TikTok Post

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman
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Celebrity “feuds” can be pretty entertaining and, today, there’s one that pretty much tops them all. I’m talking about the hilarious back and forth between frenemies Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman. For the past several years, the two actors have found ways to one-up each other on social media, much to the delight of the public. Reynolds was the latest of the pair to take a shot and did so on Jackman's birthday, via TikTok. And in typical fashion he managed to make it personal, this time by referencing the actor's circus musical, The Greatest Showman

Somehow Ryan Reynolds manages to find subtle but effective burns for his faux archnemesis. This time around, he did so through a TikTok video, during which he pokes fun at the Logan actor with some personal footwear. And playing in the background is one of The Greatest Showman’s biggest songs. Check out the video, complete with Reynolds’ clever caption, down below: 


Socks to be Hugh.

♬ A Million Dreams - Ziv Zaifman & Hugh Jackman & Michelle Williams

You have to give the Deadpool actor credit for the way he’s able to form these playful jabs at his colleague. I’d also say that he gets extra points for that cheeky wordplay and those socks. Though it doesn’t quite top some of his other jokes. The actor has taken hilarious shots at the character of Wolverine and even once joked about the possibility of Hugh Jackman’s hair not even being real. Yeah, this “feud” runs pretty deep. You can also check out a better look at those socks down below:

Ryan Reynolds' Hugh Jackman socks

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But of course, the Reminiscence star has managed to get a few over on Ryan Reynolds. The actor once pulled out a throwback photo of Reynolds and humorously chastised him for his fashion choices. The Australian actor also jokingly threatened to sue him over a fan-made Deadpool 3 poster. And the jabs have even extended to Reynolds’ wife Blake Lively.

Despite these exchanges, the two really do seem to have a true friendship and can give each other props when it's warranted. Back in August, Hugh Jackman took some time to extend congratulations to Ryan Reynolds following the success of his latest film, Free Guy. Likewise, Reynolds gave his “pal” some credit when he showed off his dance skills while prepping for The Music Man. And Jackman also shared support for his fellow X-Men alum after he got candid about his lifelong struggles with mental health. 

The pair have also paused their famous feud to benefit some good causes as well. Last year, both teamed up with Feeding America to help lower income families suffering from the effects of COVID-19. They also joined forces to encourage the public to wear masks amid the pandemic.

This surely won’t be the last time one of the actors pokes fun at the other, and I, for one, am looking forward to seeing how Hugh Jackman might respond to this particular shot. Maybe he’ll opt for a Free Guy-inspired joke to respond.

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