Zack Snyder Posted A Cryptic Justice League Sequel Photo And Fans Are Going Nuts

Zack Snyder fans rarely need that much of a push to begin speculating online. This is a unified fanbase that once pieced several clues together to confirm the existence of a “Snyder Cut” of 2017’s Justice League, then fought tooth and nail until Warner Bros. agreed to release that version out into the wild. Well, a new post from Snyder has the virtual detectives dusting off their magnifying glasses, and sticking pins into a board to connect the threads of yarn, concluding that Snyder is teasing a return to DC storytelling

First, the Vero post that started it all. Zack Snyder uses the social media tool Vero frequently, and posted this seemingly harmless Thanksgiving photo for fans:


(Image credit: Zack Snyder's Vero)

It was a 6-second video zooming in on a cooked turkey. Very seasonal. However, watchful Zack Snyder fans spotted something in the background, clearly visible from the angle that Snyder chose. It’s the 1,500-page Final Crisis Omnibus, a hardcover tome collecting numerous comic books that make up Grant Morrison’s Darkseid story, which spans Batman stories, Birds of Prey comics, Teen Titans issues and affects nearly every corner of the DC Comics world.

Now, perhaps Zack Snyder’s just a fan of the story, and he happened to have the Final Crisis Omnibus lying around his kitchen on Thanksgiving afternoon. He might not have realized it in the background of his shot, and fans are getting a little ahead of themselves. Then again, Snyder’s a director. He always knows what’s in his frame. And he absolutely knows his fans are going to be paying attention.

So, let’s discuss the probability. Zack Snyder got a chance to release his Snyder Cut of Justice League, and everyone over at Warner Bros. seemed to conclude that this was the end of the road. The director shifted over to Netflix. DC and WB are continuing on with their own movies, including Aquaman 2, The Flash, Black Adam and more. Whatever will be, will be. Right? 

Well, not so much.

Whoa, the deep dives have begun. And usually, I’m the voice of reason. I’ve been chastised by the Snyder Cut fanbase for simply telling them to temper their expectations because the idea of Restore the Snyder Verse seemed much harder to pull off than they might have realized, from a business perspective. 

And yet… I can’t believe that Zack Snyder didn’t know the book was in there. So do I think he’s sending a message? I do. I actually, really do. And so I found this thread very helpful.

Now, it’s possible that Snyder just wants to keep his fans engaged. He’d LIKE to return to the DC universe, but it would require a changing of the guard at the highest levels. And I’m not certain that’s destined to happen. But could it? Of course. Anything could happen. It’s Hollywood. 

So, keep scouring Zack Snyder’s social media channels. Hit the speculation boards. And if anything happens, we’ll let you know!

Sean O'Connell
Managing Editor

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