This week, all of the broadcast networks (and then some) are putting their future schedules in full view for the advertiser upfronts, and we’re ecstatic to see what everything looks like. But while we wait, why not throw some love to the channels higher up on the dial that we tune into for more than just primetime and local news?

We’ve culled together several lifetime’s worth of TV viewing, put all the data into a giant 1980s computer, and out popped a list of the 10 greatest cable channels of these modern times. It may not be the most Science Channel way of going about it, but we at least explain our choices. Now somebody keep a lookout to make sure Chip “Cable Guy” Douglas isn’t around to read this, or he’ll be here all day.

10. Comedy Central
What’s Great: The Daily Show, South Park, Key & Peele

What’s Not So Great: The numerous and forgettable one-season-and-done shows, Most of the movies

Overall Thoughts: Though the impending retirement of Jon Stewart will take away the network’s most well-known mascot, it’s hard to argue that the current programming is top-notch is most cases, with the above-mentioned shows strengthened by Inside Amy Schumer, Broad City, Drunk History, and tons of stand-up specials. When the longest-lasting scripted program on your channel is Workaholics, you know you’re schmokin’ with fire.

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