Although 2015 didn’t have any DC Comics offerings for movie fans, it was a big year for the comic book company on television, even ignoring Constantine’s unfortunate cancellation. Arrow and The Flash continued to build its DC TV universe over on The CW, Fox nudged Gotham into a more serialized format and and Supergirl debuted on CBS. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say this was DC’s biggest year in television so far, so it makes sense that with everything that happened, viewers were treated to a lot of great new players across the shows.

Like we did last week with Marvel, we’re going over the 10 best characters that were introduced on the DC TV shows, from heroes who got their start to villains who gave protagonists trouble to supporting characters that were along for the ride. Most of the characters will continue to have a presence next year in their respective shows, but this year, they made their mark by leaving great impressions with fans. Note that this list is focusing on the superhero-based properties from DC Comics, which is why you won’t see Vertigo show iZombie on here.

Warning: full spoilers for Arrow, The Flash, Gotham and Supergirl are ahead

10. Vandal Savage
10. Vandal Savage
Vandal Savage will be Legends of Tomorrow’s main antagonist next year, but viewers got their first taste of him earlier this month in the Flash/Arrow crossover. Having walked the Earth for thousands of years, Vandal has accumulated immeasurable amounts of knowledge and skills, all in his quest to gain power and kill each reincarnated version of Hawkman and Hawkgirl so he can keep his long lifespan going. In just two episodes, he demonstrated himself as one of the most dangerous individuals in this DC TV universe, both through small acts (fighting Teams Arrow and Flash single-handedly) and big (destroying an entire city). Beyond his natural talents, Vandal is also one of the more sadistic adversaries these shows have seen, though at the same time is fun to watch when he’s threatening and speechifying. Viewers will see Rip Hunter’s team of time travelers deal with Vandal across multiple time periods in Legends of Tomorrow, and if he’s as charismatic on that show as he was during the crossover, then viewers are in for a treat next year.

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