As time goes by, the line between TV and film becomes more and more opaque; television storytelling has become more mature, and with that so too have style as well as production values. One of the areas in which television has increasingly caught up to film is the realm of action sequences. All of this progress seemingly came to a head in 2015, as we saw an incredible surge in the number of impeccable action sequences hit the airwaves. From the fantastical to the darkly gritty, fight scenes ruled all in 2015.

With that in mind, we have taken it upon ourselves to compile a list of the ten best fight scenes from 2015. These scenes have been selected and ranked based on the quality of their production, as well as the emotional and dramatic effect they had over their respective shows. Starting with great (No. 10) and descending to outright perfection (No. 1) checkout the list we put together and give us your input: what was the best TV fight scene of 2015?

10.Supergirl- Supergirl vs. Reactron
DC comics continues to stake its claim on the television landscape in a way that Marvel simply hasn’t been able to compete with at this point – at least outside of Netflix. Supergirl represents one of the DC’s latest ventures into the small screen world, and the Melissa Benoist-fronted CBS series is thus far up to a – wait for it – super start. Of all the battles Kara (Benoist) has been through thus far, arguably the best of the year has been her skirmish with Reactron (Chris Browning), an irradiated villain who harbors resentment against Kal-El.

Properly bringing Kryptonians to the small screen can prove challenging for TV networks. By their very nature, they are incredibly effects-driven, and require immense coordination on the part of the cast and crew. Supergirl’s battle with Reactron showcases just how far filmmaking techniques have come in the way powers as grand as Kara’s can be shown on screen. In terms of in-universe ramifications, the fight also proves to be one of the definitive moments in which Kara realizes she does not have to live in the shadow of the Man of Steel, but can in fact become her own woman and hero.

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