While some of us are gluttons for the current era of TV, where new series are plentiful and the wait between episodes feels like mental surgery without anesthesia, others prefer to kick back and enjoy the shows of yesteryear that have already come to completion. And Netflix is the perfect place to do such a thing, as their library expands and contracts with all manner of comedies, dramas and genre series.

Here are 10 classic shows that are worth all of your attention, regardless of whether you enjoy binge-watching or spreading things out. These aren’t the only ones out there, of course, but they should tide you over until the fall TV season. And if you’ve seen them all already, introduce them to someone who hasn’t.

I don’t trust anyone who loves comedy and doesn’t like Futurama, easily one of the smartest and wildest animated series ever created, as well as one of the best sci-fi series out there. Every single member of the Planet Express crew is memorable in their own way – particularly the main trio of Fry, Bender and Leela – and a large percentage of the plotlines are extremely interesting and imaginative, especially when concepts like time travel and parallel dimensions come into it. Like that other Matt Groening show – The Sumpsans, is it? – Futurama peaked in its early years and lost some steam when it shifted to Comedy Central after Fox canceled it, but the good news for everyone is that it never came close to being terrible, and the crossover episode. last year just made us want more.

How Much Is Available: All 7 official seasons are here (even though they’re split up), as well as the four direct-to-DVD movies.

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