Watch Bill Murray Pop Out Of A Cake On The Late Show With David Letterman

When most celebrities say goodbye to the soon-to-retire David Letterman, they do it with words – even if those words are written on undergarments. But when Bill Murray does it, no words are needed. Just massive cakes. Check out the video below.

Oh, to hold the distinction of being someone that Bill Murray popped out of a cake for. Sure, there are tons of other arguably more prestigious events in Letterman’s life that I’m jealous of, but this one takes the cake was really special. Because it wasn’t just a cheap pre-made birthday cake from a grocery store that Murray had to awkwardly crouch down in because it was technically too small to fit his entire body. This was a specially crafted baking success that was capable of housing one of the greatest comic minds of the modern era. I presume he wasn’t in there when the cake was baking, but then I’ve never had anyone pop out of a cake for me, so I can’t be sure.

From the very first second that he’s seen, this is pure Bill Murray goodness, as he kicks things off by not really popping, but falling out of the cake and sliding onto the floor. And while most guests would have been too reverent to get messy with the late night legend, Murray was there for Letterman’s first Late Night outing, so he basically gets to do whatever he wants. And what he wanted was to muss up Letterman’s hair with cake-filled hands.


Still sopping with sugary sweetness, Murray later expressed his wishes that Letterman would stick around, getting the studio audience to join him in a chant. But then he took things a step further and kicked open the studio doors to the outside world, gathering a crowd of hyped-up, selfie-taking people in the middle of the street for another chant.

The show ended with a dessert-free Bob Dylan’s first Late Show performance since Season 1 of the show, and he and Murray served as Letterman’s final official guests, as the icon’s last show tonight will be full of surprises. I can’t imagine anything quite topping Murray’s confectionary arrival, but anything could happen.

Speaking of anything, Murray also showed off his flopping skills when he recently popped by MSNBC’s Last Word and fell off of a chair, as seen below.

Thankfully, there will still be more Bill Murray in the world even after Letterman has left The Late Show. But we’re always going to miss seeing them together.

Nick Venable
Assistant Managing Editor

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