If nostalgia were a form of currency, it would render the American dollar virtually useless, as our memories are as important to us as anything else in life. And over the course of that life, there are bound to be many outdated details that have been replaced by current information needed to understand the increasingly complex world around us. One of the more expendable sections of the memory bank is arguably “children’s programming from the 1990s,” but we’re here to try and strengthen that part of your brain.

Here are 15 shows that you might have forgotten about over the years, from cartoons to live-action to strange mixtures of the two. Instead of shooting for the most obscure programs imaginable, we chose shows that you probably loved for a spell on Saturday mornings or in the afternoons after school while you were sucking down Ecto Coolers and chowing down on Pizza Rolls.

muppets tonight
Muppets Tonight
Years Aired: 1996-1998

The Muppets do love entertaining others, and their fourth major TV venture, ABC’s primetimey Muppets Tonight, was centered around a variety/talk show as hosted by the dreadlocked Clifford (voiced by Elmo’s Kevin Clash). To be expected, each episode featured celebrity guests – such as Prince, Pierce Brosnan and the odd combo of Coolio and Don Rickles – and mixed sketches with musical numbers. It’s possibly the least-remembered of all the Muppets’ series thanks to its middling critical reception at the time, but it still holds a firm place in our hearts.

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