The Matrix
Basic movie premise or setting: Turns out, we're all existing in a virtual reality and computers rule the earth.

Elements to be used for the TV Show: Mainly the setting, pre-Neo. Possibly Morpheus.

Where it should air: Syfy, Netflix or Starz.

How it could work as a TV show: I'm not opposed to this being a prequel story about young Morpheus (like twenty-something or late teens) being unplugged and beginning his quest for "The One," but I'd also be fine with this being a pre-Neo story with an entirely new set of characters who are searching for the person to free them, and maybe that leads them to eventually unplugging Morpheus. The plot of the series could have the characters consisting mainly of those who've been unplugged themselves, and can thusly split their time between life inside Earth, and their adventures within the actual Matrix. But I'd also want to see a mixture of Zion-born characters who've never been inside the Matrix, and Matrix-born characters, who have no knowledge of their actual surroundings. Split the story between two worlds and things could get very interesting.

Syfy would be a good home for this, if they were willing to give it the right budget and find the right writers. But I'm more inclined to see it land on either premium cable -- of all of them, I believe Starz would be most likely to give a sci-fi adventure project a working chance -- or Netflix. Given the nature of the setting, and the boundless flexibility of the Matrix, cable, streaming or -- at the very least -- basic cable seems like a Matrix live-action series' best chance of fully exploring its potential, both in terms of the content explored and the budget it has to explore it.

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