Last spring, Once Upon A Time creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz began working with Disney to figure out a way to bring the wildly popular Frozen characters to the small screen. The co-creators of ABC's hit series eventually got the greenlight, creating a plot that takes the original characters from the franchise and reimagines them in the world Once Upon A Time has created.

In the premiere, this means plenty of time hopping, with Storybrooke, Arendelle and more coming into play. It also means we get to see plenty of flashbacks occurring to the time period just after the events in Disney’s hit movie. During past seasons, Once Upon A Time’s weird brand of storybook characters living alternate lives in the present has worked rather well, but when you add recently created Disney characters to the mix, things get flipping weird. Here are 11 of the oddest things we learned and saw in the first Season 4 episode.

”Elsa Elsa… in Storybrooke? Disney’s popular animated tale is set in the kingdom of Arendelle. However, when we first meet Elsa on Once Upon A Time she has popped up in modern-day America. As you might guess, things like roads and cars are confusing to her, and she ends up neutralizing a car with her ice powers because technology is a bummer.

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