Our TV writers spend a lot of our day writing about television, which means we have pretty good insight when it comes to how fans and networks are looking at TV programs, as well as how many people are currently tuning in. While some expected cancellations have already occurred (rest in peace, Selfie and Red Band Society) and other shows have held on, at least for now, there’s a slew of fall and especially midseason programming out there that probably won't make it through the end-of-season spring cleaning at the networks. Here’s our list of 2014-2015 shows that are looking most likely to get cancelled right now.

Looking for a list of programs that have already been cancelled during the 2014-2015 TV season? No problem, head here.

Backstrom, Fox
Backstrom is a Hart Hanson project through and through, with a lead that’s unlikeable but sort of grows on the audience despite his major character flaws. Unfortunately, not enough people got through the first couple of episodes to see Backstrom begin to play out a lot like Bones, minus the gross-out factor. Backstrom’s probably not going to stick around next year, which is a bit of a shame, since Bones is now resorting to 1950s throwback episodes to entertain viewers.

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