There’s really no hotter show on television right now than The Walking Dead, and there’s luckily such a huge audience that it’s not too hard to find friends to freak out with at each twist and turn. Honestly, half the fun of watching The Walking Dead is getting to talk about The Walking Dead. As it happens, however, there are plenty of obscure little factoids about that show that don’t get all that much chatter because there just aren’t too many people in the know about them. With Season 6 all set to wrap up in a matter of days, here is a list of 12 Walking Dead facts that may just be weird enough to keep us talking over hiatus.

Carl Has An Unlikely Body Double
The zombie apocalypse isn’t exactly a safe place, so the actors of The Walking Dead have had to make use of stunt doubles over the years. Young Chandler Riggs as Carl originally shared a stunt double with Madison Lintz as Sophia, and that stunt double was a young woman then in her late teens by the name of Savana Jade Wehunt. Once Riggs hit puberty, Wehunt was a 29-year old stuntwoman named Emily Brobst for Season 4. Evidently, Riggs is still a few growth spurts away from being able to share a double with Norman Reedus.

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