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The Flash

When Season 2 of The Flash came to an end, Barry Allen had seemingly unraveled everything that we'd seen in the previous seasons by choosing to save his mother Nora from Reverse-Flash's deadly plan. While we have no real idea where this is headed, or how much of the Flashpoint comic book arc will be updated for live-action, we do know that there is at least one character that will be introduced in Season 3 that sounds almost exactly like Barry.

The Flash is casting a major recurring character for Season 3 that will share many of Barry's qualities, such as a high level of intelligence and a keen intuition. But this new guy is a little older than the Scarlett Speedster, and he's also a little nerdier than Barry is. All this gives him an edge that alerts him to Barry's nice guy persona and makes him suspicious that something else is lurking beneath, and he intends to find out what it is. As well, this yet-to-be-introduced character also has some secrets of his own, according to TVLine.

I don't think anyone is surprised to learn that a new addition to the Flash cast is someone who has secrets, since this show thrives on hidden information. But the surprise reveals on The Flash are generally more awesome than they are elsewhere in primetime, so we're definitely hoping that the skeletons in this newbie's closet are metaskeletons that add lots of new drama. It doesn't seem like this guy will be a definite antagonist, although S.T.A.R. Labs has drawn in its share of dangerous minds.

Really, it's hard to pinpoint anything about this new character right now, although it's safe to assume there's a fairly large comic book tie-in to his existence. It doesn't help that viewers have no idea how Season 3 is even going to begin, and whether or not the timeline will settle back into its pre-reset form or go off in some completely different direction. Because of how this show plays with time, I wouldn't be surprised if this character is revealed to be Barry's grandson Bart Allen, another person who took on the Flash mantle for a short time. Anything can happen.

Facts are still few and far between where Season 3 of The Flash is concerned. We know that John Wesley Shipp, while dead in one timeline as Henry Allen, will presumably return as Earth-3's Jay Garrick, although that's not even limited to being on The Flash and may also include some Legends of Tomorrow episodes. And the finale also showed us Zoom turning into what appeared to be Black Flash, so it's possible that could play a part in next season's twisty narrative.

Barry had better brush up on his geek cred and his gut feelings in the next few months, since someone will be out to reveal his secrets when The Flash returns to The CW on Tuesdays this fall. In the meantime, check out everything hitting primetime this summer with our TV premiere schedule.