Will The Big Bang Theory Continue After Season 10? Here's What Kunal Nayyer Has To Say

The Big Bang Theory has experienced continuous success ever since the CBS sitcom premiered back in 2007. The show is currently going strong on its ninth season, with a guaranteed tenth on the way next year. However, nothing lasts forever so at a certain point we must begin to wonder when the immensely popular program will call it quits for good. Now a member of the central cast has chimed in on the matter.

Speaking with The Miami Herald, Kunal Nayyar discussed the longevity of the series, and his desire to continue with more seasons past Season 10.

I think we are due to re-up for Season 10. After that, who knows? I hope to continue, but it’s not entirely up to me. Even if we do Season 11 or 12, it’s a very odd sensation this year. We are all feeling quite nostalgic. We’re so close. We have each other’s back. We keep it private on set and really love each other. It’s going to be very hard to adjust to going back to what is normal, since this is my normal, if that makes sense.

So if nothing else, it would most certainly appear that Nayyar himself would like to continue the series beyond its current contract. There’s no evidence to suggest CBS has any intent to shut The Big Bang Theory down any time soon; the show is a ratings giant, and is currently almost halfway through its historic 3 season renewal – which guarantees that the show will run at least through next season. As Nayyar notes, the decision to renew The Big Bang Theory is very much out of his hands and until they sign on the dotted line, nothing is set in stone.

Credit must be given where it’s due, the Chuck Lorre sitcom has squeezed every possible drop of comedy out of its initially simplistic premise. What began as a sitcom about socially inept nerds has evolved into a show that can use its characters to provide commentary about modern nerd culture, such as the imminent release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

The show has also taken its sweet time with numerous plotlines. After five years of dating, Sheldon and Amy may soon have sex for the first time, and audiences may finally get to see Howard’s father; the show has been on for almost a decade, so to wait for these sorts of plotlines represents an admirable amount of restraint from a creative perspective.

For now, fans of The Big Bang Theory can rest easy knowing that the show will be running at least through 2017, and if Nayyar is to be believed, everyone behind the scenes is certainly game to keep going for more. The Big Bang Theory airs every Thursday on CBS at 8 PM EST.

Conner Schwerdtfeger

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