Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Food Is Not What You Would Guess

Andrew Zimmern has tried some odd cultural delicacies during his time as host of Bizarre Foods, so it would make total sense if working on that show had turned him on to something that most of us would consider weird. It looks like his tastes might be more pedestrian than most of us could have imagined, though.

I could eat it every night of the week, and it drives my family crazy. It's my favorite food; a really well-done roast chicken.

There you have it, folks. Andrew Zimmern spoke to Aol during the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colorado recently, and spilled the details on the food he most loves to eat. Really, was anyone expecting something as normal as roast chicken? That's certainly not what we see Zimmern posing with in the above photo. Just so you know, despite it's appearance, it's not a happy penis, it's a geoduck. But, as entertaining as that Pacific saltwater clam looks, it's not enough to make it to the top of Zimmern's favorite food list.

The idea of Zimmern's favorite thing to eat being a basic roast chicken is the exact opposite of what you'd expect from a guy who's made a career out of traveling the world and trying some of the wildest regional foods. Bizarre Foods focuses on showing items that many people would consider exotic or even disgusting. For 10 seasons, Zimmern has helped show Travel Channel audiences how these foods are procured and prepared, where they're served and then eaten them for the first time. Zimmern has eaten a wide array of oddities that are considered culinary basics in certain parts of the world, including rooster balls, raw pig's testicles, blood stew, adobo style crickets, deep-fried worms, jellied eels, cow skin soup, hen's uterus, brown bear and a cow butt sandwich.

You know what? Nevermind. I get exactly why Andrew Zimmern gets back to the hotel while traveling for the show and orders up roast chicken. Why would he want to eat something new and exciting, and possibly sorta scary, for dinner if he'd had a meal that included an animal's sexual parts for lunch (he's eaten a lot of butts, balls, penises and anuses, you guys). I probably wouldn't be able to eat at all, but if I were going to, "a really well-done roast chicken" sounds like a hit to me.

It's no wonder that Bizarre Foods is popular. People who love travel love to eat local favorites when they head out of their town or country, but most people still keep their culinary adventures relatively close to foods that they eat anyway. The chances of getting sick when you travel are high enough, many people would think, why test my luck by scarfing down the still-beating heart of a tuna? Folks like to watch people push themselves to the limit, and Andrew Zimmern gives them a chance to watch someone do just that by eating the most original dishes on the planet. You can catch Zimmern eating testicles, brains and butts on the current season of Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel every Wednesday.

Adrienne Jones
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