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Though Glenn was technically the first evicted houseguest of the season, the first voted and live eviction of the Big Brother season took place tonight. And while we all saw this boot coming a mile away, I'm not sure I'm convinced it was the best decision for everyone in the house. Deserved? Absolutely. But sometimes the most obvious target is the kind of houseguest you want to keep around for a little while. Meanwhile, Julie Chen dropped a major twist announcement tonight, revealing that the "Battle Back" competition will return one of the first five evictees back to the game. More on that in a bit. But first, tonight's eviction...

As is often the case on Big Brother, the first eviction is usually the easiest target. It's someone who gives enough people reason to rally against them, and from there, people climb on board the bandwagon, likely just glad it's not them. Strategic players recognize that Big Brother is a game of numbers, and with more than a dozen people in the house, it's surely smarter to fade into the middle of the pack than it is to stand out. Those who stand out or try to rise up too quickly, often end up being the first to meet Julie on the live show. Jozea's house-meeting antics and other comments rubbed enough people the wrong way that targeting him was a no-brainer. His cluelessness to what was happening in the house made it a pretty easy week for the majority of the house, game-wise.

Jozea seems to pride himself on being honest and bold, and those are admirable qualities to have in the real world. But on Big Brother, honesty and boldness can be a player's downfall as quickly as they can be their saving grace, all depending on the circumstances. It was that boldness, and thinking he was the house's messiah, that made Jozea such an easy target. That, coupled with his lack of intuition -- despite his personal beliefs to the contrary -- made tonight's eviction a sure thing.

It was looking like it would be a blindside for Jozea and some of his allies, but based on what I saw on the live feeds today, and his nervousness during tonight's live eviction, it seems like maybe he finally started to see the writing on the wall. Or at the very least, he was feeling far less confident than he was earlier this week.

Jozea's eviction may have been the obvious choice, but is it the best one? Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining that he was evicted. When a player bombs their introductory social game so badly, eviction seems like the natural course. But then again, Jozea's such an obvious target, that maybe keeping him around would've served some people well. This could've been an easy week to get someone likable out. Paulie seems like a reasonable target, considering his brother's social game was always on point, and he's pretty likable and potentially good at competitions.

I have less of an argument as to why Bridgette might've been a better option for eviction, apart from the fact that she seems like such an obvious pawn option. She's not the kind of houseguest you want to be sitting next to on eviction night. But we're probably at least a few weeks away from that being an issue that needs to be dealt with.

Jozea was most likely the right choice for eviction, but I'll be curious to see how far Paulie goes in this game, and whether or not some of the houseguests end up regretting keeping him around.

Battle Back Twist

As Julie revealed after his eviction, one of the big twists of the season is the Battle Back competition, which will have each evicted houseguest battling the reigning evicted houseguest in a competition. The winner gets to wait out another week and battle the next evicted houseguest. This will go on for five evictions total. So that would presumably mean three more evictions, before the last man or woman standing heads back into the house.

The first competition hasn't taken place yet, but given that Glenn was evicted based on a competition loss, I'm guessing Jozea will have the upper hand on whatever their competition is. We'll have to wait and see.

We'll also have to wait and see who wins this week's Head of Household competition, as the episode ended before the competition was won. In the meantime, this wasn't a bad first-week of Big Brother. Points to the veterans for recruiting newbies to strengthen their numbers. It'll be very interesting to see if the 8-Pack alliance holds up, should a non-8-Packer win Head of Household.

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