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Few television shows are as followed and talked about as AMC's apocalyptic drama The Walking Dead. And since it is the most watched show show currently on television, it makes sense that other entities are trying to cash in on the zombie-filled success. Universal Studios' Los Angeles location has been working heavily on their Walking Dead attraction for the busy theme park, and they recently celebrated the impending July 4th opening with a bevy of Walking Dead cast members, both old and new. These actors know TWD better than anyone, and thus are excited at the prospect of seeing the show translated into a theme park.

IGN happened to catch up with the Walking Dead characters that celebrated Universal's new theme park opening. They're all avid fans of the series, and have some very strong opinions regarding which moments from the show's 6 year run should make it into the attraction. One of these actors is Ross Marquand, who plays Alexandria resident and recruiter Aaron. When asked which parts of TWD he wants to see in Universal, he said the following:

One thing I'm hoping to see is when Aaron and Daryl go to the cannery and they get taken over by the hundreds of zombies that fall from of the Wolves' trap. That would be awesome to see. The Wolves' attack on Alexandria -- that's personally what I'd love to see. You go back six seasons; there's so much to draw from, whether it's the bicycle girl, the well walker. There's just so much to draw from this show I almost forget sometimes how far this group has come. They've been through everything.

While Ross Marquand listed a bunch of good choices, it seems that the moments he is most excited about are from his tenure on the show; Ross wants some serious Wolf action. Of course, I'd also love to see Daryl somehow kill 3 zombies with a metal chain as he did when in the Wolves' trap, but that seems like some wishful thinking for a theme park to pull off. But the Wolf attack on Alexandria seems perfectly plausible, although it has the distinct possibility of giving the patrons some serious nightmares.

Ross Marquand isn't the only Walking Dead actor who wants to see their plot points make appearances in Universal's attraction. Scott Wilson, who played everyone's favorite one legged farmer and patriarch Herschel Greene, also wants his moments to be memorialized by the attraction.

There's so many walkers and so many moments that are extraordinary. Greg and his team just did wonderful things with so many walkers. ... There are quite a few. Well walker, the walker that bit Hershel's leg -- that's pretty major to Hershel. The walker in the tree was good.

Yup, Scott Wilson wants the walker who took Hershel's leg to make an appearance. This seems a bit unlikely since it didn't look any different from other walkers on the show, but hey a guy can dream. But Marquand, Wilson, and the other cast members agree that they want to see the bloated well walker and bicycle girl make an appearance at some point in the attraction.

What moments would you like to see in The Walking Dead's Universal attraction? Sound off in the comments below.

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