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Gilmore Girls has been coming together over at Netflix for some time, now. While we have a good idea regarding which of the original cast members will be returning, news has been slow to come forth regarding new cast members who will be joining the show. This week, however, we learned a doozy. Alex Kingston, the actress who plays River Song on Doctor Who, has joined Gilmore Girls for the upcoming revival.

Alex Kingston actually revealed the news at Florida SuperCon (via GilmoreGirls Updates). Similar to the other new characters who have signed on to the series, we don't really know what sort of individual Kingston will be playing, but she did share a lovely story about filming ER on the Warner Bros. lot at the same time that Gilmore Girls was filming back in the day, so taking the part in the series had some nice symmetry to it. In addition, Alex Kingston's scenes were shot on location and not on the Warner Bros. lot for Gilmore Girls.

alex kingston gilmore girls

I guess it shouldn't really shock us that Alex Kingston nabbed a gig in Gilmore Girls. The actress has a pretty impressive TV resume and has featured in a slew of popular TV programs over the years. As she herself noted, she was on ER during the early part of the show's run, popping up between 1997 and 2004. She then moved on to Lost In Austen, the aforementioned Doctor Who and to top that off she plays Dinah Lance in the CW's first DC Comics series Arrow. It'll be nice to see her take a role---however large or small---in another popular TV series.

Alex Kingston is one of just a few people to admit they have taken parts in the Gilmore Girls revival, which is being subtitled A Year In The Life. Former Bunheads and current Younger actress Sutton Foster is teaming back up with Amy Sherman-Palladino for Gilmore Girls. Soon after, Scandal actor Dan Bucatinsky also shared information that he is on the new series, but again, we don't know what sort of character he will be playing or even how many episodes he will show up in. It's likely that Gilmore Girls is keeping this information under wraps so that we don't make plot connections ahead of time, but still, a teensy weensy hint wouldn't have hurt.

Luckily, while news of new cast members has been a little cagey, we do know quite a lot about the Gilmore Girls' big return for Season 8. If you would like to know what is coming up, you can check out our full guide. While Netflix doesn't have an official premiere date for the revival series, yet, you can find out what else the streaming service has coming up here.