Sleepy Hollow Is Losing Even More Characters, Get The Details

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Take a cursory glance at Sleepy Hollow over the past couple of years and you wouldn't be insane for assuming that Fox and the show's producers are intentionally trying to make fans angry and/or confused. And today brings about another example, as it's been revealed characters Daniel Reynolds and Sophie Foster will not be back for Season 4 very much, if at all, as actors Lance Gross and Jessica Camacho aren't returning as series regulars.

Yes, somehow there were even more characters for Sleepy Hollow to hemorrhage as Season 4 starts coming together. As you'll no doubt recall, the third season ended with the death of Nicole Beharie's Abbie Mills, which caused some to think that a Season 4 renewal wouldn't happen. But it did, and apparently everyone thought the best decision would be to ditch just about everyone but Ichabod and to completely change up the story and location. I guess it would have been worse if it had been cancelled like so many other recent Fox shows, but that's assuming the changes will stop soon.

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Lance Gross was added to Sleepy Hollow Season 3 as FBI big boy Daniel Reynolds, and not only was he Abbie's new boss, but it was also implied that they had a romantic past together. He clearly wasn't completely over her, which made some of their interactions complicated, but there won't be any interactions to complicate anymore. Considering Reynolds' tie to the story is dead, Gross is not expected to show up during Season 4 at all.

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Also introduced in Season 3, Jessica Camacho's Sophie Foster is/was an FBI agent working undercover for Reynolds, as well as something of an artifact hound. The actress was promoted from Guest Star to regular cast member during the midseason hiatus, and although that achievement was obviously short-lived, TVLine reports she is expected to make one or two guest appearances in Season 4.

So we can add those two to the other characters that went away in the past season, which includes Zach Appelman's Joe Corbin (died), Nikki Reed's Betsy Ross (went back to the past) and Shannon Sossamon's Pandora (died). Understandably, Sleepy Hollow will be adding a batch of new characters for Season 4, including the recently revealed Anna, who will serve as Abbie's substitute in partnering with Crane as a witness. We will also reportedly meet Anna's 11-year-old daughter Stella, an eager research analyst named Seth and a very handy engineer named Rosa. As well, casting is currently ongoing for a male antagonist for Season 4.

Sleepy Hollow will return for its 13-episode fourth season at some point in early 2017, with production scheduled to begin in August.

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