Sleepy Hollow: The Character Who Will Replace Abbie In Season 4

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Spoilers obviously.

It was a shock when Sleepy Hollow killed off a major character at the end of Season 3. It was an even bigger surprise when Fox ultimately opted to renew Sleepy Hollow after shipping the series off to the Friday night wasteland and after a major lead left the drama. Still, Hollow is certainly coming back for Season 4, with a new character set to replace Nicole Beharie's Abbie Mills. Now, we have more details about the character who is currently being cast.

Weirdly, the new character is going to be named Anna, which is a little too close to Abbie for my taste. The similarities end there, however. Anna will be a supernatural skeptic and a mother--both characteristics Abbie did not have, since she was childless and had seen monsters in the woods as a young girl. TV Line obtained the casting description which tells us a little bit more about the character's personality, including the fact that Anna will be a Secret Service agent. She'll also be tough:

She's got a tough, take-charge personality, punctuated by a wry sense of humor. She's a born leader, but she also has a softer, more caring side which she rarely shows.

Obviously, there is going to be conflict at the beginning, as Crane's entire duty in life is to be one of the witnesses mentioned in the Book of Revelation, protecting humanity from those who would wreak havoc and cause strife. The casting announcement doesn't explicitly say that this new Anna character will be the second witness, taking over for Abbie Mills, but that seems to be the direction this casting is going in. The report mentions Anna will be Crane's "partner in crime" and that she will come into conflict with her new partner. Tom Mison's Ichabod Crane has had romantic interests on the series in the past, but he doesn't usually tell the people he dates what his true function in society is. This leads us to believe she will probably be the second witness.

After Abbie's funeral at the end of last season, we did learn that Ichabod would not be alone in his witnessing duties. There must always be two witnesses and the next one in line will be called up, presumably pretty early in Season 4. I wonder if we'll get a few episodes of Crane working on his own or if the show will jump right in with the new girl during Episode 1. Only time will tell.

So far, Sleepy Hollow has yet to cast the major role, but we'll let you know as soon as the Fox series finds the right person. Hopefully it will be pretty soon. Fox has already released its fall premiere schedule, and the supernatural drama is not on it, so the show definitely has a little time before its midseason premiere. If you would like to see what Fox is premiering this fall, check out our Fall TV schedule. In addition, you can read about Nicole Beharie's departure, here.

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